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Friday, December 9, 2016

Be your own

In many ways, we try to change because of something or someone who don't like what we do and we try to be nice to them and we avoid our thought and willingness what we want to do. We try to be
Chukung Valley Photo by Hemanta Shrestha
something different, even which are against our will, only because we want to be liked by them. If we are in that boat, we are the one what we naturally are not but we are manipulating ourselves hiding the truth.

It is not the way to live the life for anyone or to be nice to the people, but it also doesn't mean to be rude and harmful to them. We have to be ourselves what we are naturally. Respect your own thought and opinion and keep your own way what you want to be yourself. This is t your life which you have owned only one time, so live in your own way what you want to be. Never change your way because people may think you are right. Everything should come from the inner heart and you know more preciously than others what is wrong and what is right by yourself.

I don't mean to be stubborn keeping own opinion and ignoring others value. We have to always carefully analyze the advice that we receive from another opinion as they give us for something that is for the sake of betterment. We have to take people's suggestions and advice, but we should make our own decision and choice because they don't know what we are, what we are exactly looking for and what we think is good for us to do. We have to respect the other opinion and thought. We should know every individual in this world is different. People can't be weird or bad only because of their opinion doesn't fit with us.

I want to be myself and keep on doing what I want to do and what I prefer to be doing regardless of the dislike of the people because I know myself much better than what they know me. I know I shouldn't be a jerk to anybody, it should be the wrong way that hampers to the general or our lifestyle, but definitely I have the right that I can make my own choice, I can decide for being myself and I can stand on my own feet and limbs regardless of what people talk about. We hear a lot about people talk a bad thing in the back, and if someone passes the message to the third person that is so weird. But I strongly recommend you not to listen to the third person and even don't care if people talk you in the back but be ready to tackle if someone hit you in front.

Never change your motive just because you want to be good to the people and expect they will talk about your positive aspects all the times. But be conscious of your own thought and perception. Be persistent at what you are doing and what is your passion is about. Never do for the sake of people or change your way to be said good by people. No one is in this world who have only good commenters. Every coin has two sides as similar we might encounter the people of both kind, some who praise us, respect us and become happy with our progress, but there would be no shortage of people who cross your leg to pull you down and who talk about your flaws and setback as your weakness. Always be yourself, do the things that you desire and have an ambition of doing because this is a life made only for you and you are the only one you can deserve the happiness. Cheers!