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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Life with different colors

Life has different colors and we have to try to make it more colorful than what it has now. As the color has its own meaning and we also find in what phase of life we are having now. Every day is precious, every moment is beautiful and everything we are having is alluring that paints our lives every day.

Imagine your life with a rainbow as it possesses all the different colors that beautify its name in the horizon of the sky. Our life also shines in the horizon with the color only it becomes clouded when we manipulate its value and covers with the wrong color. Every moment of life is special for us if
Photo by Bardhoj Okhrabo
choose a right and the perfect color to paint the time. We are the artist and all our hands how we concentrate on coloring our life with perfect matching.

If we are good at choosing the right color then we make an art prettier than the other one. Everyone is the artist by itself and paints the life with the knowledge and understanding of choosing the color of life. Some fortunate choose the best color, but some can't make a perfect selection and don't have a knowledge of art. Never lose your hope even though you don't have the right tools to color your life. We are not a perfect artist, but time will teach and make us perfectionist if we keep on trying. Never give a try to create a better world and a better life as what we imagine and dream to be true one day.

Everyone has a setback and flaws and same we are. We have to hear the feedback from our loved ones and try to correct our mistake of the past. Nothing is made perfect in the first try without correction. We might not choose a perfect color of life to make it most attractive art of the world, but we can one day for sure. Focus on only today and pay attention for making everything should go correctly today because it is better to be an excuse rather than to be sorry tomorrow. You can excuse your tomorrow but never be sorry for today. Give your 100 percent for today and try to eat the life with your best effort.

We have to keep in mind that, we could prefer the own choice of color that might not match with the choice of another. Be confident and respect your own thought and mind. Don't compare with other choice and never be unrespectful and put yourself down for making a wrong choice. You might be right because you are you but not someone else. Choose your way to and attempt to do the right things as per your best thought and mind.