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Saturday, December 10, 2016

My best friends ever!

My mother and sister are my best friends ever in my life. I experienced many things and met many friends during this span of life but found none in this world who could be closer than them. They are the solo creatures of this world who favor me blindly regardless of the social and other matter because their love is unconditional and pure which is not possible and quite difficult to expect from
My sister Usha Kiran Chongbang from left to my Mom Janak K
the people surrounding. Of course, I exist with someone and with whom I have devoted my life of living, but I definitely say the way of loving and caring is different from the love that they give it to me throughout their core of heart.

They never say anything against my desire and always want my progress, prosperity, comfort, and pleasure from every aspect of life. I can share my pain and pressures with them without and suspect and doubt. I will be guided by their warm love and support and I am there surrounded by them. They always give me moral support, compassion and inspiration to move forward in life. Their experience of life comforts my zone of deserving the life span as what they say;  life is full of compromise and sacrifice. I think my mom who devoted her life just for the sake of her children and family keeping aside her thousands of dreams. My sister also followed the same truth, she sacrificed many things for the sake of her children's and did many things for her sibling as a great sister. She also sacrificed many things for the sake of her younger siblings helping their education and much more.

My parent and my sister have been my greatest strength since my childhood. Even I was quite young I was aware that my father was the head of the family who fed us, kept the family moving nicely providing the requirements of family members. I knew my mother loved me so much so, I cried every time sitting beside her whenever she got sick. I scared if my mother would leave the world, I might have left in the street without love and support. Whenever my father came home late, I was worried if something might have happened to him. Now I remembered how the child's mind was dwelled connecting with the role of family and how important was the role of parents during the childhood.

I was the younger sister so I was allowed not to help her to clean dishes, clean house, and cooking food. I was allowed to go with friends because of the rank of my birth. I feel so guilty for letting my sister doing all of the households alone. I didn't think she was having a hard time , but I was taking the privilege of being her youngest sister.  She was so calm and lovely as long as I remember she never beat me instead I chased her all around the village to beat her taking the slipper on my hands. She could return back and hit me as she was big enough to do so, but instead of slapping on my cheek, she ran away from me in order to save her from my attack. It was so amazing moment that sometimes leads me to feel so shy and guilty, but that was the time when I was really innocent and thought that I was the princes of my house.

Those are the beautiful moments of my childhood. Since my memory, they are always on my side. They are my best friends ever whom I enjoy spending time with them. They are not the friends for sharing the pain and pressure but also the friends of having fun together. If we three  are there together, we don't miss the opportunity of having fun and enjoying the moments. Obviously, I miss my two brothers as well in some  horizons but only my concern at this moment is taking my mom and sister where none can replace their place. They are so calm, peace and loving, I hardly have met the people in life who have loved me in that manner to their children and siblings. I don't remember the madness of my mom, she always calls me 'Nani or Sanu' loving words from the parent. I hardly remember she got mad at me during my childhood and don't remember her slap ever.  They two are the great creatures in my life. Even I don't forget my father role, he was great to me either and to all other children. I am blessed and thankful having you all wonderful people in my life. Thanks!