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Sunday, December 11, 2016

My heart broke down into pieces

Death is only the certain thing that everyone has to embraces one day, but a ten-year-old boy faced his  mother's death due to severe beaten by his own school's teacher. It was such a heart-wrenching
Credit Goolge
news that someone posted on facebook had happened in Nepal not far from the capital city Kathmandu.

How  a teacher can accuse someone of  a witchcraft in this age and can beat someone severely to the death. A teacher is someone who should break the darkness of the society and bring the brighter days to his students. But he is involved in such an inhuman activity, it hard to believe that he could drag a woman and tied her hands and leg, fed human sewage and beat her recklessly. I am not so shocked because this happened in Nepal but because the man was a teacher of social science. What kind of educations he was spreading to his students, I am so sad and broke hearing this news.

It was horrible, but not the first time. Many women have lost their lives beaten, burn and killed  by men on the accusation of involving in witchcraft. People in the world have reached to the moon and invented unbelievable inventions, but it is our misfortune Nepalese people are still on the belief of traditional superstition and killing the innocent lives accusing to poor women as a witch for the cause of their illness or misfortune. The government doesn't have that strong law to punish that kind of criminal that's the reason it has been repeating again and again.

I am so saddened and broken because of the innocent children who have lost their mother because of the poor mentality of the people. The teacher had beaten the woman gathering the people around in front of his own school building. It is unbelievable how all the villagers became the witness without
any confrontation. Didn't they have the heart ? No sympathy toward the innocent two children who were bearing their mother hurt in front of their eyes?  I can't believe people are so cruel and heartless in this world and can involve in such an inhuman behavior even at this age of developments.

My nervous system is quite down thinking the whole scenario and the presentation of the little boy who was telling the story of his mother's death. The worthless  people of that village who don't have their heart and no sympathy toward the innocent woman and children they have been living their life only covering the mask of a human being but they are similar to the other animal who don't have the sense of knowledge and thought. And the teacher like him must have cheated to pass the exam or might have brought the highest level of education certificate from somewhere. We can't  expect a teacher who is the director of all the foundations of the tomorrow can involve in such a crime.

Only the education doesn't matter to the people if they don't possess knowledge and sense of humanity. I highly request to all the concern from my blog; the teacher should be punished by the optimum level of the law and shouldn't be allowed to go back to his profession. He is not only criminal now, but he is the enemy of all the human being. We can't expect the children will have a brighter future because of his teaching. He can't be a teacher anymore because this is such a respectable and reputed position, he can never fit again. Please let's have a common understanding we all the people have to confront against the inhuman and cruelty for the sake of all the living beings and social justice.