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Monday, November 14, 2016

Predestined Journey ( Story Series XV)

I was not feeling well when I woke up early in the morning next day. The back was still aching. I had to take care of  my little girl,  as Raja went to cut the grass for the cattle. In our tradition, we can't order to the senior people that's why I didn't feel comfortable to seek help with my mother in law and
Kanchan Junga Trecking. Source: Google
sister in laws. I was asked to prepare food, but it was very hard to perform in the kitchen eventually I couldn't find a choice except telling my problem to my mother in law. She told me to rest taking care to Fungma so I kept on lying down on the bed keeping my daughter on my side.

The ache was getting worse on my back, I was in the fantasy that I had my mother beside me and took some warm oil in a pan and rubbed by her hand with the oil on  her palm on my back. I became glad finding her at that hard time. Fungma cried in the middle of my fantasy she might have been starving and was on the  other corner of the bed. I tried to turn to her, but it was quite hard to get her. I reached to her with a lot of effort and fed my breast. I had heard that I had to have a lot of care and message after delivering the baby. Raja was little shy even her mother had reminded him frequently. I thought  I should have told him last night so he could have done something for me. I was awaiting his arrival to let him know what he had to do.

He arrived but it was already time for lunch. They were supposed to go into the jungle to bring firewood and I would remain at home with my mother in law and daughter. I couldn't go to the kitchen to eat, but Raja asked me to try and reached there by crawling. After having the lunch, he went away to work so I didn't get a chance to ask him to rub on my body. I should have talked to my mother in law, but didn't feel comfortable and thought it would be difficult for an old woman.  There was no painkiller neither any hospital was there close by. We had to depend on the traditional priest called Pujari.

As the pain didn't last until the evening, my mother in law asked the neighborhood priest to do something so she assumed I might have been caught by witches and something spiritual power was giving me hard time. The neighborhood Pujari Saila (Priest) came and he recited his Mundhum with some rice grains and requested the devil spirit to go away from my body otherwise anything would happen on her way either might have been beaten or born with fire. After he had done, he asked me to rest for a while and I would be okay on the next day. When Raja returned back from the jungle. I requested to massage on my back with warm oil as I had seen people had been doing that during the postnatal moment. He did what I asked to do. I felt warm enough with that massage oil and went to sleep right away, feeling relief from the pain.

Early in the morning of the next day, my mother in law asked me how I was feeling. I replied, " I am better now". " See that Saila pujari ( priest) is so talented, he made you better", she said. I knew the truth but didn't want to intervene on her belief. Whatever the reason it  was, it was worth for me and all of us as he had spent his precious time reciting and doing his best to his knowledge and skills. I had also some belief that spiritual power, but I didn't know without Raja I would have felt better or not. I was still in the dilemma, but thankful to him for spending the time and assuring game I would be alright after his reciting.

 There was a huge crowd down in the street. People were running down to see to find out the reason of that crowd. I was also curious to be there, but my little girl didn't allow me to go. Some amazing sounds were coming from that location and everybody seemed scared and surprised by that scene. People were gathering from every possible corner to find out the reason. I would go if my mother in law had asked me to do, but I was not sure leaving her with Fungma. I was thinking of what I should have done or if anyone could bring the news from that crowd. My mother in law also ran down with the people!...