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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Predestined Journey ( Story Series XIII)

When his mom started to talk  her plan about the future, he shrank his face and kept quiet. She said; "We have an enough land in this village and we do have enough stuff for our lives, but we should advance our living standard by purchasing some lands in Terai.". I didn't say a thing as I didn't have an idea where the money was coming from. I was sitting close to the fireplace making Fungma warm
Old Sanghu-4 Taplejung Pic. Found in Google.
with oil massage. She had been growing and had been three months old at that time. "Let's  make a plan for the future, but I don't think we can buy the land in Terai right now", he responded. She nodded and agreed with her son and said; " you keep in mind it's not for me because I will die one day, but I don't want your whole life to remain at the same way of your Dad and me". Then she went to her bed.

After she departed for the kitchen I asked him how that was possible. He said; " My mother has a lot of ornaments that she has received from her parents as a dowry as she is from the rich family. She wants to sell them and want to purchase the home and lands in more convenient places than this countryside, she thinks our future will be better there". I got the point why she was interested in doing so. " If your mother wants to do that I can also sell my ornaments so it will support you instead of borrowing from people", I said. I wanted to add some value from my side as three of my brothers who had been serving in the foreign country had given me some gifts of gold when they came on vacation. " Let's talk about that if you intend to help my mom those ways, I agree with you, but I am not sure about how the situation will be.  You don't have to worry about that, but in case we need more money, definitely we can use yours as well", he said.

The night was getting over and almost time for bed. He came close to me made his hand warm on fire and put that on the Fungma's forehead. He gave a kiss on her tiny head and asked me to go to the room." Don't you think she is enough to warm now?" , he said. "Yes," I replied and he lifted her slowly from my lap, she had already slept. He wanted to put her in bed and I thought that's okay to be familiar with our little girl. I learned the meaning of love and the importance of motherhood after I became the mother by myself. He didn't carry her on the first day of her birth because he said he was scared to carry the little baby. His hands were shaking when my mother wanted to put the baby on his lap and he returned her soon to her mom.

Though I was little nervous about  my little baby as I didn't have experience handling the newborn I learned on the first day how to handle her and put on my chest. I didn't feel uncomfortable, neither I scared to lift her rather nicely lifted from the crib and put on my chest to feed my breast. She was so adorable baby whenever I held her in my lap didn't cry, but when I put her away cried a lot on the first day. My mother in law discovered that she cried because of the cold and when I held her she felt warm. She wrapped her with the warm blanket which made her sleep throughout the day. Raja came to close to her and carried her  for a while on the second day. Those were the moments of cherishing and blessing and the beginning of our parenthood.

 Her  grandma had dreamed of purchasing property in terai or somewhere better than our original place called Taplejung.  I thought this idea could have generated for the better take care of her grandchild. Raja took a deep breath on that night. " I don't have anything in  leaving this old because I born her, I played, grew up and found you and Fungma. This house has a memory and sweat of my father as well", he said with a little shrug.  I didn't know what to tell him but was wondering why my back had an ache and went to fall asleep quickly.