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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Art of Living

The art fills the color of our life and gives the beautiful shape and shine. Without the art, we even don't see the spark that shines every day. The art gives us the meaning and value of our life, teaches us to deserve the happiness to the fullest joy. We have to learn the art to prepare our life beautiful, to cultivate the happiness and to achieve the ultimate set of goal.
Gufa Pokhari Nepal. Source

We have to prepare our mindset to welcome all of the challenges that could come every day and every moment of life. Learning is a never-ending process that's why we have to take every challenge as a process and step of learning. We can convert them into opportunities. Every difficulty possesses the hidden opportunity  that we enjoy one day in the course of life. Taking the difficulties and working hard today suffers us now, but the outcomes that come from that hard work embraces one day with the joy and pleasure that make us forget everything that we suffer.

We are the unique human being and we have a unique character  in the world that none can possess in the same way. We have to know the meaning and value of ourselves being the unique creature of this world. We could have many hidden potentialities, we have to try to identify them and deserve our value of being the human in the community, in our family, country and in the world. We have to find the way to live our life with the dignity and respect and compassion which are the core components of living and making the life better every moment.

We might make a mistake and we could have achieved several things in life, but the art says that there is always a way to make it better, more precious, much alluring and more beautiful. We are living our life to have a better day tomorrow, to gain a better value, better learning and to make everything nicer, prettier and more comfortable than what we have been having now. We have to make our eyes wider with a big goal to achieve them  even though we encounter with things that might come to on the ways  to defeat us. Those are our director, motivator, and pathfinders which  make us more perfection than what we are today.

Whenever you open the eye early in the morning,  give a smile whoever is in front of you. If you alone, don't worry about it because you are not alone at all because your mind and thought which is walking along on your road are alway with you to compassionate so you can give a big smile to them. Never believe on an idea of bad things rather think that you are surrounded by the beautiful, supportive, helpful and cheerful people. You can have the cherish of your life working together with them to whom you are today. No one is bad neither someone could be worse, but only your feeling, perception, and attitude direct you to see someone bad. But if you open your eye widely and just feel what you have taken the help and Support from  the  people that you are surrounded give you the sense of living as a human being. You will see the importance of companionship of human being that you are working with them.
Forgiveness is the best revenge that we have to know. People might be guilty to some extent sometimes by purpose or sometimes by accident; forgiving them and loving them instead of hating them is the best way to take a revenge from them. It is the art of living that we have to learn to live our life. Loving and caring for the people, to the colleagues, friends, family members or whoever surrounding us, give us the love and compassion to move our life with the everlasting joy and momentum that we could have ever realized in life before.