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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Predestined Journey ( Story Series Part VIII)

My speculations came to be true when my sister in law with my little husband was standing outside. I greeted to his sister, he just blinked his eye, I just smiled him back. I asked them to sit in close by chairs and benches which were covered by traditional carpet called Radi( made from sheep wool). They seemed tired after walking the long distance. She asked me how I was doing there and also told me they were there to get me back to the home. I just nodded and tried to rush inside to call my sister
Two birds over the calm sea during the sun set. Credit: Google
in law. She stopped me and handed over a bag pack which had Raksi and achar ( Home made alcohol and pickles). I went inside taking that bag pack and told the news to my sister in law and sister. My great brother had already returned to Lahur( to serve in the British Army) and we two sisters, two nieces and two nephews with our great sister in law were living there.

She went out to welcome the guests. They both greeted her and talked a little bit about family and informed her they came to take me back with them. She agreed to send me with them and asked to rest tomorrow. After she returned inside she told me to prepare Tongba(Home made alcohol for guest) and to my sister to start cooking food. I prepared Tongba and as she opened the bag pack and asked me to set up two plates. We made some pickles and sell roti( round bread ) which they had brought, as snacks as our way of welcoming the guests.

We also ate their chesung( gift) and spent some time discussing our plan for tomorrow. My sister in law asked my sister to prepare Raksi( home made wine) as my gift to my mother in law. She made a plan to prepare sell roti.After having that treat, we prepared for dinner and served the guests first. The night was little beautiful as the moon was smiling at the sky, which was seen clear from our balcony where I and my sister were sleeping. We had given the bed to our guests downstairs outside of our kitchen.
I was pondering in the castle of fantasy where I was curious to hear the beautiful flute music by my little hero. I even didn't know what was his name because all of these family members called him as Kanchha( the youngest one) and I was called as a Kanchhi( the youngest female). I was little sad as well thinking to leave my family members especially my sister. I thought who would help her to take care the cattle and to go to the field after I would be gone away as our nephew and nieces were a bit younger than me.

It was quite difficult to sleep, I wanted to share my feeling with my sister, but she had already reached far away on her dream. She didn't want to talk, I felt little ignored, but thought her nature of going to bed early and sleeping long hours almost every day. I kept on counting the stars in the sky, my mind was filled with several things. Little excited to be there in the new home again, but sad as well, leaving all the relatives of my childhood and the home where I had been grown up till that age. It was quite difficult to fall asleep but tried hard emptying my mind because I had a lot of things to do tomorrow.
We all became busy doing the assigned jobs as per our sister in law. I prepared the lunch inside the kitchen and made a place putting the traditional carpet over the local mat. I brought two water vessels outside to give to them to wash their hands. They had been out of their seats and just left them and informed my sister in law I had prepared lunch ready. She called her brother, " Raja come on, let's get inside to eat". Then I came to know his name was Raja. He looked little shy coming inside, but I pretended that I was not giving any attention to him. I served them foods and went to add some more after they were almost done, "No more" both of them said. They  went out after they had done.  We all had the lunch and started our daily routine of jobs.

My oldest nephew and niece went to take care the cattle on that day as we all became busy at home. In the evening I prepared the dinner and served the guests and all the family members. My sister in law said; " You know Kanchhi, you are going your home with them tomorrow so, prepare some of your clothes. I am not sure how long you will stay there, but as possible as I can, I will send someone to get you back." I just nodded and went upstairs to get ready for everything. My sister and sister in law started preparing koseli( gifts) to my home. I went upstairs, I felt little worried about staying there for an uncertain period of time. I unconsciously dropped some tears from my eyes, thinking that my life and why I was born as a daughter who is always given away after growing a little more even not becoming an adult enough.

My sister talked a little bit about that night. She said; " Kanchhi  be obedient with your mother in law, sisters in law and all of the family members. I know they love you and don't scold you even though you keep on playing, but you have to understand that you are a daughter in law in that home not their daughter by the way. Learn to respect them and keep busy helping whatever they do even though you don't know what to do by yourself." I said; "Okay but I am worried about my stay, you know? I am thinking you will be alone here and don't want to spend much time there". She replied; " It's okay, don't worry much about us, me to miss you so much, but you know our ( daughters) destiny is predetermined we have to follow the rule of nature". After then she fell asleep. I wanted to talk with her little more, but she had already been rigid and started snoring making a big sound from her nose. I went to sleep as same as the previous night, turning this and that side, counting the stars which were seen from the window and mixing my feeling with the sound of nearby river called Mangmaya

We set off from the home after we had big breakfast. The bag pack was given to them and I was with my own little bag on which I had packed my clothes. On the way to the home, I couldn't walk as much as they did. My sister in law asked Raja to help me. I said; " it's okay, I could carry myself". But as an obedient brother, he didn't let me carry that bag and he seized from me. As I was denying him to give he said; " Kanchhi you can't walk, please give it to me". I became little shy and give him to carry. It was almost late in the evening when we reached there, my mother in law had widely opened her eyes watching our way and was curious to see me back.