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Monday, November 7, 2016

Predestined Journey ( Story Series Part IX)

I greeted to my mother in law as per my instruction by my sister and sister in law. She became happy getting me back and had prepared delicious food for our welcome. My sister in law handed over our gift from my home and she drank a little bit of Raksi  and put that aside and served us dinner. We
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were tired from the distance of walking, I fell asleep quickly after I went to bed with my sister in law. It was already morning when I woke up.

My man was with his flute a beautiful song early in the morning. My mother in law got down from her bed and said, " Kanchha don't play your flute this early in the morning, this is a time of celebration. We are having a great time as we have got a beautiful daughter in law, not a time to sing like in a sadness". I smiled hearing her what she was saying to her son, but of course, I was curious to hear that music with flute. I was asked to sweep the floor and yard. While I was finishing the counter, Raja came with a big sweeper in the yard and started to sweep as I was told to do it. I tried to intervene, but he said he was just helping as per his mother order.

The fried rice and hot milk had been prepared for our breakfast. The youngest sister in law, me and Raja were placed on the same mat to have that breakfast. He felt little shy and went back to his mother. After we were done, we went to clean the dishes outside and he didn't clean on that day rather just left his dish to me and ran away quickly. I washed his dish as well and brought back to the kitchen. The middle sister in law was preparing to cook the lunch and we three( Raja, me and the youngest sister in law) were asked to bring a gallon of water from the tap. I went with her, but he didn't come to us, instead he kept him away for a while and went to the tap after we returned.

I was noticing his behavior frequently but never dared to ask the reason why. I didn't have any idea how to call him as I had heard my sister in law called my brother by the name of my nephew. As long as I remember she calls "the father of oldest son". As we were newly married, I never ask anyone what to call him.  Sometimes he called me by Kanchhi as other people said. My name is Janu but none had a habit of calling me by name as I am the youngest one everyone felt comfortable saying Kancchi. Some people also added Kanchhi chukme( Youngest little one) in Limbu.
I was sent with him to cut a grass and sometimes to take care the cattle far away in the jungle. He never talked to me rather just helped me to carry the grass and if that was in large amount asked me to reduce the amount as I was little one not able to carry all of those in my little head. I felt little shy as well loved by him. He was only two years older than me, but he cared me a lot, even hiding away from me most of the time. We spent our childhood, in the same way, eating together, playing together and going to the field and jungle together, but I was sleeping with my sister in law during those days because we were not old enough to elope each other and that was not our age to be on the same bed that our guardian knew.

I spent most of the time in my new home but frequently my sister in law sent someone to get me back to the home. I was little curious and excited every time going here and there. When I was at my new home, I would miss my sister, sister in law, nephew, and nieces and when I was there with them I would miss my little friend who was, in fact, my soulmate. I had been crazy hearing the beautiful song that usually he used to create by his flute. In addition, I had been falling in love even though we hadn't been attracted physically by that time.

We spent  four years after our marriage in the same ways. I became a fifteen year of old and he became seventeen years of old. I got a tiny shape of my breast as a symbol of woman and I had been feeling little different ways than the previous time. There was a constant curiosity about him and began paying extra attention to him. One day all of our sisters in law went away to the Bazar as traditional way. People go there and enjoy their time spending with friends and the opposite sex with paddy dance( Traditional way of dance). My mother in law asked me to go to the bed with Raja as I was alone and would be scared. I didn't go to him rather went to sleep alone. On the next day my mother in law hid my bed and let me be alone, so she thought I would go to him. I was little scared and shy but I didn't have any choice either going to him or sleeping without any clothes.