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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Predestined Journey ( Story Series Part VII)

After the encounter of my eye with him, I was getting away from all of them who were ready to depart. One of the senior asked my great sister in law to see me before leaving. She started to search me everywhere after then. I was hiding upstairs in the balcony listening to whatever they were talking about. After I heard the call I quickly came down. One of my father in law in relation(cousin brother of my father in law) said they were leaving me for a month then someone would come to bring me back. I shook my head and greeted for farewell. My husband didn't say a thing instead looked like feeling uneasy.
The Sun; credit; Google

They set off their journey after the final greeting. We resumed our normal activities after a while. I was asked by my family members how were the new home and new relatives. I said they were very nice, loving and caring. One of my cousin sisters Rupa asked me whether I was missing them. I didn’t have any words to say  then just nodded. I didn't know what to tell them, I was a little scared whether they could read my soul. As inside my heart, there was some blank space after he left me back. It took almost two or three days to clean the whole house and to farewell the closest relatives  who were remained with us a few days more. The exhaustion of the long journey and hustle and bustle for greeting the seniors during that day had left still some hangover on my tiny body as well in mind.

Eventually, after a week, everything came back to normal. I became busy with my older sister to go away to take care the cattle far in the jungle. At that time, my sister had already married, but I didn't remember her moment as I was very young. Some glimpse occurred sometimes with people gathering and having some special day. I learned from this event, that was also the same for my sister. She had been also given away by my father and guardians to someone else but she had been staying with us. She used to go to my brother's in law home once or twice in a year and in some special festival. I didn't dare to ask my sister how she felt when she was left behind by her man. We never got the opportunity to go to school, I think that was the glass ceiling which didn't allow us to discuss our issues and concerns fairly. Rather, whatever came to mind, we tried to hide them and assumed we weren't aware anything about that relationship and neither we missed our men.

Most of the time me and my sister duty were to take care the cattle, but sometimes our niece and nieces gave us turn to go to the field. We both were together going everywhere almost every day. Sometimes we cooked food turn by turn. Everything went on a regular basis as before, but only the changes were my mind. Sometimes I missed the moments that I spent with my husband's home. He was fond of playing the bamboo made flute called the Bansuri. In addition, the new tongue of saying mom to my mother's in law was pleasing me most of the time when I pronounced. I felt the eternal joy of having my mother back. She was kind, loving and caring. She loved me as her own child. One day while working in the field I asked my sister," how is your mother in law ? I just felt that the god returned my mom while having her compassion to that new home". She smiled a bit, but didn't ask the reason why, she responded in shortly; " it's good to have them in life, but unfortunately mine was gone away to the heaven before I entered into your brother's in law home." That made me sad and regretted asking that, but consoled myself that was okay because it's a good sign of sisterhood sharing every pain, pressure, and happiness.

My mother had died after giving  birth of four sons and two daughters. I was the youngest one of my mother womb and my sister was after that in the hierarchy. All four brothers were older than both of us. After marrying the second wife, my stepmother gave birth of five sisters and one brother. They were living in the separate home, which was quite far. Only one brother and three sisters had born when I was given away. We used to meet with each other only once in a year or sometimes on some occasion and festival otherwise we would be busy on the own ways of a daily routine of jobs which were divided on the basis of the age and how capable of doing.

Though I was happy for spending the time with my family, there was some hidden strength which desperately dragged me to see my little husband’s face. I was missing those moments of his flute music which was amazing for me like I was attracted to what he was doing. Even though I didn't say a single word about him to anyone else only my heart and souls was pondering deep inside the sea where there was some amazing image frequently kept on striking on my mind. Eventually, the wait was over when I heard the noise of our dog barking outside the home. It was almost our dinner time, but I didn't know why something from my soul was giving me the different message. I was not sure who was that, but my heart was whispering  me silently, ‘he is coming to see you and he is also curious to know how you are  doing here’.