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Monday, November 7, 2016

Predestined Journey ( Story Series Part X)

I kept by myself alone in the kitchen without clothes and bed. I thought it would be wise to burn a fire in the oven to make me warm enough to protect myself. Maybe he was aware of that his mother had seized my bed away. He pretended to be thirsty and came to drink water in the kitchen and asked me why I was there. " Kanchhi! why are you  awake until this night? Are you not you tired enough to sleep?", he said. I didn't have any words to say, but just said; "'I will go after a while".
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He looked confused what to tell me, but didn't force me to go with him. He just said; " please go to sleep and take a rest otherwise it will be difficult for you tomorrow. You know that right, where we are going tomorrow? ". I was not sure about the schedule, but I became bit scared and tried to shorten the conversation and just nodded to let him go from there. He stared at me  once  and gave a smiled, I guessed that smile was in the return of my scary face. I turned away my face pretending I was going to my bed. I found a big pirka( homemade artificial mat) and a big shawl to cover me like a blanket and fell asleep close by the fireplace.

Early in the morning, when I was found in the miserable way of sleeping, my mother in law regretted seizing my bed away. She scolded to her son, " I thought you would be able to convince her she is your wife, my god! how long and until when should I remind you both are husband and wife",  she became furious for a while. I felt bit  uneasy due to all the ways what was happening but was confuse what was I supposed to do. I knew he was my husband and he loved me and cared me a lot, but I didn't know why I  was scared to go to bed with him. I felt like I was not mature to sleep with a man and I was not allowing me to sleep with him. Sometimes I got mad at her and didn't understand how she had become the mother at the age of fifteen." I had already been a mother at your age, you know Kanchhi, be advised you are not little now, you are grown up  enough." She added.

I didn't say a thing rather went away to clean and sweep the counters and yards. I kept on thinking the reason of scare and why I was pulling away from him ? What was the reason that kept me like I was still too young ?  We had a breakfast together, he had been changing his habit every day. He wanted to talk with me instead of hiding now, stayed close by on that day. I was surprised due to the changes in his behavior . After having the lunch we were sent to the field to harvest the maize far away from the home. Usually, we would go all together with sisters in laws. As they hadn't returned back from the bazaar we became only two on that day. I didn't talk a single word except to reply his concern. I kept on working on the next field which was in a bit of distance from him. During the middle of the day, we had taken food as our brunch we could eat them whenever we felt hungry. I didn't go to eat even though I was hungry.

He might have hoped that I would call him to eat, but he never got the call as it was already getting late in the day and almost time to return. "Kancchi! What a fool you are, I thought you are grown up now and you should have asked me to eat, but you didn't, please come here , we have to eat". I felt little guilty for not calling him to eat first but went there after all. That was the first time in our life we were alone in the field in the absence of other people in the surrounding. He  divided the foods into two separate plates and poured the Jad( homemade alcohol) in two cups. We both had that food and he dared to talk about a little bit. " Do you know  Kanchhi we are a husband and wife. Probably you should understand the meaning of married couples. We both were the very young age that's why we have been sleeping separately, but my mother thinks that we have grown up enough to understand the relation now, so she wants to make our bed in the same place. If you don't want and not ready yet, I won't touch you until you agree, but you can come to my room just for the sake of her, otherwise she doesn't feel well". After hearing him, I said, " I can come to you if your mom feels better, but bit scary that I haven't been matured enough" . He shook his head and returned to his work.

We returned back to home in the evening. She had already prepared the dinner for three of us. The oldest  sister in law had gone to her home, the two sisters in laws had been away from the home called Bazar. She served us first having herself, but I had a little sense that I would have asked her to have it first so what I said, but she denied and insisted on having first as we must have tired from the work.    While we were eating, she took a long breath and said; " If your father were alive, how happy he would be finding you two beautiful couple of this world. I am so happy at this moment and my dream will be fulfilled when I will have a beautiful grandchild". He showed the gesture of shame and same applied to me as well. I finished up quickly and ran away to clean the dishes and spent more time staying outside. She had done eating when I returned back and left me with the same as previous day.

Raja came to call me  in the kitchen and assured me that nothing would be wrong if I go to his room. With little doubt and fear I entered his room but found the amazing scene as he had prepared his place on the floor and asked me to sleep on his bed. I didn't say a thing even didn't thank him for giving his bed rather quickly went up on his bed and covered my face with the blanket and fell asleep.