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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Women's Emotions

“Being a woman is a terribly difficult trade since it consists principally of dealings with men.” 
― Joseph ConradChance
Dreamy Park Thailand. Courtesy Google

Women are more sensitive than men and they express their feelings by tearing down, through their facial expression, physical gestures and much more. Women are more emotional than men, according to the research and also practical behavior shows that women are more sensitive than men in every aspect of life.

Women emotions are guided by various factors. As a human being we are born in  a society and how the emotion of women is built depends on the circumstances what kind of environment they had been possessed. Women are always treated as someone who is supposed to be guided and controlled by a man. In such an environment women emotions grow in the same way. They find the way of living is just under the guidance of men and they can’t find their life complete in the absence of men of this world.

According to the research, women react to the unpleasant situations or negative situations more seriously than the men. Women are considered to be more attached to the negative emotions because of the reason that they are more attached to their children than the outer world. All of their emotions, their happiness and pleasure are determined by their psychology, which is created by their physical background and the human being that joins with them to work.

Women are an integral part of the human being. In our traditional society women are treated as someone who is  supposed to be under the care of men and  they are born for the sake of children and taking care them.This kind of misperception has led to the men to make fun with women without everlasting happiness. They think that nothing will be ruined if a woman doesn’t want an anymore relationship, but women are more sensitive to keeping the relationship and moving forward. A man might purpose a woman with a single bang but a woman is the one whose emotions fill with various questions whether someone is right for her not throughout the course of life.

Women have a more dependent perception  as they are bound with the society which perceives that men are the head of the family and they provide the guidance and care for the women as their family. Due to the social concept of what people think, their emotions have been guided and made accordingly. Even though they are strong enough to survive in their own feet their feeling is set as the dependent with someone and have to live the life with compromise.

Men are the creatures who are considered as the dominant over the women. Due to the traditional concept of gender disparity they still think that they are superior to women and they are the one who can make changes any rule of the home or they are the one who can do whatever way they like to have at home regardless of what their women think and expect from what they are doing.