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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Predestined Journey (Story Series Part I)

It was a cold winter season everyone used to get early in the home to save from cold and freezing weather. All the family members gathered around the traditional oven so called the fireplace in the modern country. It was a great fun, Putting the firewoods into the oven and making a big fire flame in order to make the room warm enough to relief from the cold.  I was sitting close by the firewoods with a half bear arms waiting when the Kali Grandma would start  storytelling.
Credit; Maxredefault.jpj

Kali was a good friend of my childhood,  she was a bit younger  than me. I used to go to play at her home most of the times and liked staying back until late in the evening with them because I enjoyed listening story that her grandma used to recite while sitting around the fireplace. I loved to be their home because I could feel the love of a mother watching how her mother treated Kali and her younger sister. I assumed to be tightly wrapped by my mom when I used to see Kali's mom but mine was already gone away from my life. I would be happy to spend the night with them if I had allowed doing so.

Every day whenever I spent the night at Kali's home, she used to fall  asleep in her mother lap. I had a feeling of compassion as well sadness cultivated to my little garden of mind as I never had the opportunity to have that warmness. What I heard from my mom was she passed away when I was only ten months old little girl. People had lost their hope that I would live this long life. Even my father wished me to rest in a peace in the heaven when I became seriously ill after my mom died. He donated a calf  to the priest in order to find my way to go easily and safely. But my fate was written to spend so many years long, I was left behind in this world to struggle ahead in time.

I was raised by my father on his arm, but he married my stepmother few months after my Mom's death.  Later on, I was handed over to my great brother and a great sister in law to live with them. My father and stepmother lived away with their younger children separately and my newly-wed great sister in law took the responsibility of caring  me. She got her own children after few years, but still she raised me as her own child.

My immature mind was seeking the love of a mother. I wanted to feel the warm wraps that I saw with my friends and their sister. My little sense had at least that realization I was the one motherless child and which was never possible to have the love of mother as what they were having. I felt relentless, helpless and starving for the love to have it as other children did, but I consoled myself exposing as a miserable girl.

I didn't realize people had a sympathy on me. I heard my father very rare once in a month, sometimes only once in almost three weeks. As of other children, I would be happy if I got a little chance to play. But since my memory, I had to go to the forest with my older sister to take care of the cattle to graze them. I had an amazing feeling of love when I found one day the cow licking her baby calf while they were grazing far away in the jungle. I also remembered my mother once and felt her presence. How my tiny mind was directed due to the surroundings at that time I hardly memorize now.  Continue..........