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Monday, October 24, 2016

Making Life Purposeful

We are not born with a predetermined goal or ready-made  set of purpose, we have to make the purpose of life and we have to find the meaning of life. Our life is full of the process of actions those are self-generated, self-guided and goal directed. The purpose is an intentional goal; a goal which is chosen to be pursued and desired outcomes.
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The meaning and purpose of one life are determined by the self-choice, desired effort that ones make. Whether someone’s life carries the meaning or not depends on how the rational choice he/she makes in life. Rational choice means the effort that gives positive meaning and outcomes in life and irrational choice guides to be negative outcomes and degrade the purpose of life.

We are always trying to make our life meaningful and we always want to make our life purposeful. It is worthy of living when we make a choice of meaningful and purposeful life. We have to live the life of self-respect, dignity and with self-esteem. Without respecting our life we can’t make it meaningful. Self-respect brings the self-confidence as we know who we are and why we are in this world.

We are in this world only once. Every moment matters and every effort  counts and every choice have a consequence. We have to find out the consequences of every choice that we make in our life. We have to live our life to the fullest and have to recognize which actions promote our life or which one retard us and hold back. We have a choice in order to fulfill the desire for physical and spiritual needs as we human beings possess the both needs. Self-esteem makes our life worthy and happy in this world. We don’t carry all of those factors since we born, but we have to earn them during our lives.

In order to have the rational purpose in life, we have to make a rational choice. We have to identify the necessary components of having them. How to make us strong, independent, self-confident human being, those are the factors of rational choice in life and direct us having the great meaning and purpose along with. Since the possibilities and opportunities in life change over the time, the purpose of life also may change accordingly. After becoming the self-confidence we might have the difference purpose in life, pursuing higher education or settle a business and so forth.

Everyone in life has a dream of doing something or we have been living in the expectation of tomorrow. If we don’t have a hope of tomorrow we can’t do anything else in the present. We work hard and we want to earn money that means we want to make our future more comfortable, more beautiful and more secure than what we have today. Our future is guided by our present. It is the outcomes of our handiwork. If we want to have a meaning in life or want to have a purpose in life, we have to work hard in the present in order to make our dream to be true. If we have a beautiful dream, definitely we work hard and we keep on exciting to wait to have those moments. But without any expectation in life, we don’t see the value and meaning of why we are living in this world.

In order to make our life exciting every day, in order to make our life positive, we have set the purpose of life which gives the real meaning of why we work today and how we work today. People with a set of goal have a complete process of achieving the goal and inclining toward the purpose of life. If we don’t have set of goal yet, we can determine by  asking the question of ourselves. Why we are born on this earth, what is the meaning and value of our living in this world? If we keep on asking the questions inside of us, we can determine our goal and we can have a process to achieve that in the future that will be our purpose of life.