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Monday, October 17, 2016

The Wisdom of Living

The way of our living should be guided by our own choice, I mean it should not be influenced by the way of what others people are doing or what other might think about us. My life is made for me and I have the sole privilege of enjoying my life without limitations. We shouldn't limit our lives because of something that happens in the outside world.
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I myself believe that I wear the clothes that I feel comfortable, I do my work based on my knowledge and understanding regardless of what other people think and treat me. I don't mean we should be isolated unrelating with each other, but my concern is we shouldn't be dependent and influenced by other saying and what they think for us. We human being are the social being and we are correlated to each other, but we have to build our own way of living that is the way of achieving ultimate happiness in life which is called the wisdom of living.

Depending on another opinion, we cannot deserve our happiness. We should be able to choose the right path that is the best fit for us. If I am interested in doing my further study of mass communication it shouldn't be influenced by another subject as it is said by people is better than what I have in my mind. We should be guided by our own thought and perception no matter whether it is good or bad. We have to dig deep inside us to find our hidden interest and strength within us.

If we move with other guidance we can't reach the destination. We have to choose our own interest  what comes from your heart and thought that should shape your way of doing rather than another opinion and perception. We  have to find out inner interest and how well I am myself for doing that. Without using our own wisdom, it is difficult to set a goal in life.
We should live the purposeful life. We can't find the meaning inside if we don't have the purpose of living. Our wisdom will be the one which we use to heal our sorrows and difficulties and make us live our life in the present. We could have our horrible past which should let go away from our thought. It shouldn't matter in our present because of the bad experience of the past.

We should identify ourselves, who I am and what  I am trying to do in life. My purpose and my ambition should be created from my mind and it should be thrilled from my soul. I don't wear clothes that people think is good to be modern or professional. I choose myself because I know who I am and what I am going to do myself. I do make my appearance regardless of what other says and think but what I believe I should be.

In order to have the meaning in life we should be courageous, should have a willingness to do new things. We should have hope that we will get everything done one day, we should have the determination of doing that as it should be developed from our own enthusiasm. We should believe ourselves and our strength of doing it. If we have a deeper willingness the way will surely follow us to grab them on the way.

Life is still a process of having suffered and happiness. We have to ready to tackle any kinds of suffering that come to us.  We have to dig deep inside our own soul to find the everlasting happiness and joy that we deserve. Happiness matters in our life which is the ultimate goal of everyone. The wisdom of living says that we have to find the happiness by ourselves cultivating in our own garden of thoughts. None in the earth can find the happiness for me except my wisdom that seeks the gratitude of living of my own life. We all have to learn to live our life through our wisdom which is the most precious part of life.