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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Simplifying The Things

“You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.” 
― Albert Camus

Rattlepoint. Credit: Aaadi Yakthumba

We have many complications in life that we try to make it simple and easy going. Complications destruct our movements hold us back. There is none in the world who understand our circumstances and our motive of living rather than by ourselves. We are the sole creators of  finding  the way of breaking those complications and making the way easier and simpler to move forward. Following are the simple tips to make everything moving forward in simple and easy ways;

Taking everything easy

We might face different unwanted situations that hurt our temperament our empathy of self-being. Research shows that we have to able to take everything easy and simple way. If we take  any changes in life as a big distraction that treats our brain and our feelings negatively. We might be diverted into frustration after that. Taking everything in an easy way helps us to resolve any kinds of problems. We have to make our mind accept any kinds of situations taking them easily and making sure ourselves nothings worst will happen.

 Controlling to be over ambitious 

Sometimes we make a big dream without any basis of achieving them. We have to dream and have to be ambitious in life, but making big dream is harmful  if we can't achieve them in our life. We have to judge ourselves and find out the way of achieving them in the simplest way. If we are not able to achieve our dream and we have to modify that and change that according to our capacity and resource to have them.

Stop comparing with another achievement 

Our life will be more complicated if we compare with another achievement. Everyone in this world is different and what we achieve in life and what we deserve is also unique and different in this world. We might find out friends or relatives having a better life than ours or they might have achieved more than what we have. We should stop comparing with the people and we have to be satisfied in our own life, what we have now and what we have accomplished.

 Pulling away from isolation

When we are isolated we might have a feeling of anxiety because of the loneliness. We might lose the value of being ourselves and we forget why we are important to living our life. We have to pull away from those circumstances and try to be with people even in the virtual world we can have our friends and relatives to talk something interesting and sharing our feeling with them gives a greater sense of the meaning of life.

 Enjoying the life

Our ultimate goal of living is to be happy and happiness is the greatest strength in life. We have to enjoy our life, no matter what the circumstances we face. We have this life only one time and have to enjoy this one by the fullest joy. We could have different ways of entertaining our life that you know  yourself. I know how to entertain myself and the way I have to follow. If we feel depress then we have to apply and entertain ourselves, which relief us from complications and simplify our life.

 Collecting the gratitudes

We have to thankful for our life and for our parents for letting us have this beautiful life in this world. Whatever we have achieved in life we should feel proud and grateful. Self-satisfaction is the way of collecting the gratitude in life. We have to be thankful to the world for letting us enjoy the life. We have to thankful to the god for creating this world and whatever ways we are deserving the things in this life. If we are being satisfied and grateful for being ourselves, we understand the value of being ourselves and make our life easier and simpler to move forward.