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Friday, October 21, 2016

The Last Letter ( Short Story)

Dear Derrick,

This is the last letter you are reading from me. Probably will be  looking for me everywhere and might think I am somewhere getting everything ready for you to go to work and for Flora to school. But something different is happening in our life. It might difficult to accept you, but you are the
smartest man in this world and I understand you know how to handle it.

 I have prepared your clothes, suits, and shirts for a week long to work. I wished to make sure I could make everything possible in your life and I could make everything alright regardless of how much you love me but it's my unfortunate to be away from you  forever. I have a confidence that you won't allow our child  to be parentless. I know how intelligent you are to give a love and compassion as of both parents. She will not feel helpless and you will not let her deprive of the love of her mother.

You were the absolute blessing of my life when I was struggling alone in the young age. I am very grateful to you for helping me to turn my dream to be true. I couldn't have imagined how my life would change before I met you. I was a rose without nectar in your absence and the land without water. I deserved my happiness, I became more accomplished, strong enough and more confidence after having you in my life.

You never turned me down when I had a disagreement with you, rather you cautiously  resolved those issues. You agreed with me whenever I made a new decision. I found you had a great strength of compromise and I thought I was the luckiest woman of this world. We spent two years exploring the beauty of nature and those were the moments to nourish our love and understand to each other. We thrived our dreams to enjoy the rest of the life together. Those  were the moments which convinced me I was just for you, those experiences placed your love inside my souls to grow and cherish my life.

Eventually, we decided to tie a knot as we realized that we were born for each other. We were the two creatures to live life together with the everlasting joy and happiness. We promised to cross the ocean of our life together, but I am so sorry for breaking my words today. I am speechless and no words to mention for leaving you alone. I had found a good reason spending my life with you and I have been bound to slip away because of something hidden reason that we have to accept the almighty.

I didn't realize it has already been ten years since we married. Your love, your compassion and your ways of treatment were amazing. How funny you were, you deserve the greatest privilege for changing my way of living. I was a woman with a weak thought, shy nature and keeping inside isolated. You are  the one who made me bold enough, I started to laugh loudly, you taught me how to be outgoing, I learned how to gather information from the outside world and much more lessons from you. I found you one of the most intelligent and smartest man in my life and I was guided by you all the ways of my happiness and joy.

After one year of our formal knot, we were blessed with a beautiful girl in this world. I still remember, how happy you were becoming the father for the first time. I stopped working and became fully dependent on you. But still, you became able to maintain our happiness and glory of the life. Our daughter has been one of the smartest girls, I have a great respect for you for letting me care, my family, as  you are the hardest working guy who is devoted to the family and for the happiness of his wife and children. I am in debt with you because my accomplishment was not possible without you.

I hope you have a great heart to forgive me and you will understand and keep our happiness alive. Even though I am not with you physically, I will be remaining in your thought, mind and soul forever. I am going away not only from your and our daughter's life but going away from this world. I am sorry I didn't tell you that I had been suffering from cancer and tomorrow is my last day that you will find me only the breathless body in the hospital.

I am sorry for hiding this truth with you I hope you will be strong enough to handle yourself and our beautiful daughter Flora. Stay strong and healthy and make sure everything move forward as I was with you. I will be watching both of you forever from the heaven. I will be embracing you every moment coming through the air. You can imagine and feel my rhythms of love with a melodic heartbeat hiding safely inside. Only you have to tolerate my physical absence, but time will heal your sorrow and everything will be alright soon.

Your loving and caring wife,