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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Predestined Journey ( Story Series part IInd)

I knew I didn't have a mother in this world, but little mind always felt the scarcity of a love from her. I kept on watching my nephew and nieces while my sister- in law's wrapped them around by her arms, changed their clothes and made them laugh. I was a bit older than them and used to  be away from to hide and see and felt the love of the mother. I had got a big hole on the right arm of my cloth. I used to change myself. I hardly remember my age during the time, I should be the age of seven years by that time.
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One day I felt so cold on my naked arms while going away with the cattle in the jungle. My great sister was only two years older than me. She was my closest friend to tell if I wished to share my feeling. I told her I was so cold on my bare arm because of that hole. She said to ask our great sister in law to fix that. I kept in my and was waiting for the right time to  ask her to fix that torn cloth so I would feel better and warmer.

We returned back to home in the evening and had a dinner. The cold weather was challenging everyone and letting everyone get inside as soon as possible. As of our regular routine, we all gathered around the oven and enjoyed the heat of flame from firewoods after our dinner. I didn't remember when I went to sleep, but I found myself in the beautiful fantasy. I was very happy with my mother as she was looking pretty with long hair. She had bought beautiful clothes for me and asking to change my clothes. I was excited to wear those beautiful clothes but she wanted to give me a bath before putting on them on me. She changed my old clothes  and poured the water over my body. It was freezing and I shook because of the cold. I woke up in the mean time and I found myself in the cold bed with a thin blanket with my sister.

It was nothing but just a dream. I had seen Kali's happiness when her mother bought beautiful clothes from the market. My feeling turned to be true in the dream as was I had wished to have them. I turned to toward my sister, she was snoring in her middle of sleep. I couldn't go back to sleep right away. I became happy for a while for being with my mom even  though it was just a dream. I assumed my sister as my mom and scooped her neck around by  my both hands and put my head on her chest and went back to deep sleep again.
Life was flying away and every day was hiding inside the history, letting me be a little older and older. One day I found my sister in law sewing the clothes with needle and threads. I wanted to ask her to fix my ragged clothes as it was a whole almost everywhere. I couldn't open my mouth instead silently sat beside her just exposing my feeling through gesture. She understood very well what I wanted to ask her, but I had been almost ten years of old enough to able to cook food and clean dirty dishes. She smiled at me and said; " Kanchi( youngest sister) I wished I could sew your clothes but we are so busy today, we all have to go to the field to finish the maize planting, rather please go to the kitchen and cook the food quickly I will fix your clothes next time"

I didn't have any choice except accepting what she was saying. If I had a mother like Kali, I could have insisted her to fix that right away. But I agreed and nodded my head and quickly ran way to the kitchen. As she said I quickly prepared food for all to go to the field for maize planting.  I had been the age of ten and became capable of helping to plant maize to my great brother and sister in law and other stuff as per their order.

One day few people with my sister in law's cousin came to my home. We had just arrived from the field at that time. I had seen him a few years back when I was five years old. I hardly remembered his face. He had been little older of age but seemed cute enough to be my friends to play together. He didn't say aa thing instead kept himself hiding among the senior people. I though he was little shy because he was a guest. I didn't want to bother him and thought if he would stay little longer at our home, definitely, we could play one day. I became happy for having guests at home because I knew we were going to have delicious food at home. I want to  bring a water with a gallon from the close by Water Tap. I found  Rupa a cousin sister there, she came close to me and whispered in my ear; there was a good reason having the guest at home. My little mind didn't understand what was the reason for having guests at home but curiosity remained on the mind and thought to ask her again when I would meet her next time.