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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Predestined Journey ( Story Series Part III )

On the next day, my father came to our home and spent a couple of hours with the guests.  I didn't  understand what they talked about, but I was just enjoying the delicious food and was taking the advantages of that time just playing with friends because I was aware of none of my guardians would scold me in front of the people.
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One of the cousin sister Rupa came to my home and asked me to pretend like lame. I started crippling around the home without understanding the reason why. In the evening I went to bring the water nearby by home and I met Rupa again. I asked her the reason why I should have pretended  like I couldn't walk well. She said, " The People have come to ask your hand with your father and guardians for the little boy" I didn't have that much understanding but had seen many girls had been made beautiful and used to go with many friends to the different home.

I didn't understand what was the wedding meant and why they wanted to take me their home as I was little and hardly could prepare some foods. I didn't have that much sense and feeling as adult people because I was just turning eleven years old. I became a bit scared and nervous but kept on continuing to pretend to cripple. She had asked me to do that way because if they found me I couldn't walk well, they would not like me and return back without any agreement.

My days were going on every day in the same way. The little boy never came with us to play rather hide and kept on sleeping. They didn't go as it had already been five days. On the seventh day of their stay my father again came back to us and after long gossip, they started to salute to each other. I still didn't understand, but my friend Kali came close to me and whispered; "Finally your father agreed their proposal to marry you with that little boy". I don't have any kind of feeling I just scared but came to know that I was going their home after a month.

My father came close to me and teared down some drops and said, " Kanchi ( youngest one) I tried very hard to reject their proposal, but they didn't leave me, so you are going their home after a month but your brother would bring you back immediately after you spent a week in their home." I didn't say a thing, but just shook my head.They returned back to their home on the next day.  My three brothers had gone to the Malaya ( British Army), they came to my wedding bringing beautiful clothes and jewelry.

After a month the little boy with senior people again came back to our home. He had worn beautiful clothes, he looked more beautiful than his previous visit. I looked at him from top to bottom, but as a young kid, I didn't have that kind of feeling developed yet. I thought he could be my friend to play. On the next day, my sisters and friends made be beautiful putting on my beautiful jewelry, clothes, shoes and whatever ways were possible. They assured me we all were going to celebrate the big festival to that little boy's home. I agreed and the little bit excited about going to the new home, but still feeling the nervous little bit.