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Friday, October 14, 2016

Journey with a dream


Having a dream is a beautiful part of life. It makes our life more exciting, challenging and interesting. Everything is bonded to be dreaming in this world. We are moving, working hard and making a lot of efforts today because we have a dream to fulfill. Dreaming is a way of excitement and making our
Photo Courtesy Hemanta Shrestha
life more meaningful and valuable.

Without a dream, our life is worthless, if we don't have tomorrow there is any value of today. But we have a hope of tomorrow, we have a dream in life and we are optimistic, positive and excited to fulfill them in our lives that is why we see our life is meaningful, we are living the worthwhile life and we have a purpose of living.

Life with a dream

Journey with a dream means a way of living our lives with inner excitement, peace, and happiness. It means having some meaningful purpose of life and to be devoted to achieving them in the future. There are many ways that add the value of making our journey with the dream. The following are the simple tips to have in mind which are useful while considering them.

Never Stop Dreaming

Our dream might ruin on the way sometimes. We might have faced many challenges and obstacles to fulfilling our dreams. But we have to see the open door that always indicates the new opportunity in life. If one door is closed, there is always the way to exit out to grab the new opportunities. Though we can’t fulfill some of the dreams, never be sad and frustrated. It is obvious we shatter and broke, but knit a more precise and more adorable dream in mind. Start knitting them and prepare to embrace that glory of the beauty that comes certainly one day on our way of the journey.

Our journey of life will stop if we stop dreaming. That's why never stop to generate a new mission of your life if something ruins and break down,  never let them push you down and never let them go away from the purpose of life. Rather let it be a normal thing as of ordinary things that happen in life every day. We don’t know and understand the value of life if we do stop the dreaming. That's why we have to have the life with generating the new one every day and nursing the existing one to give us the fruit of life.

Focus on the purpose

We are excited to have our purpose to be fulfilled in life. We have to let them come into our mind and thoughts that we enjoy dreaming of fulfilling. Everyone has a purpose of life, no matter small or big. Focusing on our purpose make our life moving to our dream. Looking forward to having something in life or meeting the loved one in the near future has a great power of happiness in life. This is a way of making our life more entertained and more exciting to have filled with the joy and pleasure along with the journey of life.

Decorating the mind with beautiful things

Negative thinkings are always harmful to us. Even though it might come in our mind, we have to delete them immediately. In order to have a journey with a dream, we should fill and decorate our mind with beautiful things, positive expectations, the dream of having a bigger achievement in life and making our life more meaningful and valuable.

In order to decorate our mind with beautiful things, we have to practice. As it is a saying that practice makes a man perfect. Practicing to have an adorable moment, feeling only the beauty of life and deleting all of the sorrows, grievances, and sadness that we must have suffered due to the different circumstances in life. We have to be obedient of listening to our heart and soul, but whenever it tries to go away from our control, we have to make an extra effort to bring it back to the normal condition of having the prosperous tomorrow, happiness, joy and fulfillment of life.