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Saturday, October 15, 2016

We can always start again

No matter how hard our past was, we can always make it better, happier and more precious. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to dictate by our past rather we have to rule them out and create something difference, something's interesting and we should fill our mind and thought with the blissful moments, with beautiful memories letting the bad things go away, deleting them permanently.

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We can always restart our life, we can restart our business or if  we are willing to do some things new but have failed, we can always start that again. Millions of successful people have reached to their destination not only one attempt, but they must have tried several times and only became able to grab those opportunities. We are the same human being we could have a lot of setbacks and flaws, we can make a mistake, but we can always start again learning the lesson from the past, from the mistake we made and from our failures.

We could have failed several times, but we can always have a chance to start again. As a human being we cannot be perfect and can’t make everything happen in the first time, but we need not worry about for not making that happen what we wanted to do  because we have to remember that there is always next time and next opportunity waiting for us to get into.

We should convert our failure into the strength because in every course of our life we will be learning a new thing. We have to find the reason of our failure and our setbacks that will be the best lesson to  learn in the future. Our failure shapes our future and guides us while starting again. We have to perceive everything positively and take it easy whatever ways we can make it happen.
We have to find the choice generating a new idea if we want to start again. Many of us might have in a dilemma because we don’t have an idea what to start again even though we are trying to change our career, we are trying to change the job or trying to live the way of living. How to start a new thing again depends on our idea and understanding. We can’t have all the required knowledge right away, but the best part of finding the way is research. Analyzing the information and verifying with our need and interest provide us the guidelines to start our journey again.

Sometimes we think that our life has gone now and I have to stay like this because it is my destiny. I have heard the several statements from the people who suffer from the different kinds of circumstances, they blindly blame to the destiny and fate but don’t give a try. I also believe in fate to some extent but I don’t think our achievements and success are totally dependent on that. We have to be motivated, enthusiastic and keep on trying to achieve whatever we are trying to have in life. Everything is not predetermined, if we are brave we can win the destiny as well. We can never end with one failure, even with several failures because there is always a way of solution for any problem.

Finding the resolution of the suffering could be difficult, but paying attention to the solution we can always have a better choice in life. Not everything can be messed up neither it could be ruined, rather we will be having the best opportunities or better path of living and enjoying the life with the fullest joy and empathy. We have to believe in our own strength, we have to find out our hidden capacity and knowledge that we can’t be aware of that. But if we try to find them out we could have enough knowledge, strength, and power to recover from the setbacks and to make our life prettier and happier than what we have now.