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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The worth of living

How to define the worth of living ? Does it mean to be worth after having family, friends, relatives, big job, money, property and all other physical possession? Or something else that we have been creative
for doing something or we have been helping to the people in need and we have been working for the public service that is for the sake of people who are in need? All of those questions arise in us if we try to find the worth of living in this world.

How to worth our life depends on us and it is like a happiness that we deserve ourselves. The worth of living is the same degree as of happiness because the level of merit having the worth of living and happiness while consuming our life matter in the same horizon of living. As a human being we try to seek the meaning of our lives and if we can make something significance difference in making our life worthwhile to the people we find the happiness grows there.

Understanding the merit of living matters a lot  as a human being. It is determined by the level of thinking, perception, and attitude of each individual which are created by various circumstances and factors affected due to the surroundings.We seek the worth of living by doing the success and by achieving something in our life, but we forget the value of living by ourselves in this world.

The purpose of our life is to be happy and happiness is the ultimate goal of the people, which defines the value of ourselves. We understand the value of our lives if we deserve the happiness. We will grab the success and opportunities if we are happy and satisfied then we can work with fair and concise mentality along with us. I have encountered with different circumstances and with various people having the different attitude and negative perceptions. Dealing with them, make a great sense of living because everybody doesn’t understand how to apply the importance of being a human. Dealing with the negative people in the surroundings gives the utmost satisfaction.

We don’t understand the worth of living unless we achieve the happiness in this world. Happiness is the fundamental aspect of keeping us peace, mental assurance, self-pleasure and positive attitude to the people which direct us doing something important and understand the value of a human being and living creature. We have to love ourselves, care ourselves and try to find the ultimate happiness for living this life. We can’t find the worth of living if we are unhappy, sad, distracted and frustrated.

As a human nature, we will be happy with gaining empathy, intimacy, and compassion from someone we love to be and want to be bonded. But we also have to deal with the adverse situation where we feel alone, bad relationship and many other aspects cruel our lives and dig deep inside of frustrations. At that very time, we lose the hope and forget the value of why we are living in this world. We have to remember that the happiness and pleasure connected with someone are always temporary. In order to have the everlasting joy and happiness to make our life worthwhile, we have to find them inside us and within us. Which will remain until we die and gives us the worth of being ourselves?

We can do better, can success in life only if we understand the value of ourselves and worth of living in this world. We are the sole creator of this world  and we have to take ourselves those ways. Because the intimacy, love and compassionate we achieve from someone can’t stay forever with us. We have to learn to live with fluctuations and many flips. Even we mightn’t have faced till the time, but it may come in our lives any time. If we make ourselves strong by our eternal soul and can tie our desire on the same distance will be beneficial to understand the value of ourselves and worth of living in this world. End