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Monday, September 12, 2016

Exploring the Adventure

We explore the adventure every year for BBQ and entertainment in a group of around 15  people. We usually prefer to go new places close by the beach and it should be new every time. This year we went to the old place last time, but still, we had a great time having a BBQ and having fun with friends with beautiful scenery. Yesterday was our second trip for BBQ of this year and we had a lot of fun. While exploring the New locations for this trip our group invented a new location called Wolf"s pond park of Staten Islands.
Wolf's pond park, Staten Island, NY

Staten Island is a part of the New York, but I had never been there before and many of our group members were visiting there for the first time. We were excited to explore the new place as well  to see the BBQ spot which was looking quite beautiful while surfing the Internet. We were 15 people in the group with curiosity and excitement. We had home made foods from ourselves along with the BBQ. After reaching there everyone seemed hungry so we treated ourselves tasting the food from different people.

I am not good at making food at home that my friends know as they have been used to with it. But I don’t have that much preference for food and I like by myself what I make. One of my friend Anand was making his face as he found my pickle was not that hot as he wished. The place was more beautiful than our expectations. Very large place with the wide area along with the kids' playground nearby the spot. My little boy Mukkum Hang constantly enjoyed running to  here and there and all around the area. He used to run toward the playground and enjoyed sliding there with other kids. He became one of the happiest babies during that time. He had a lot of fun there.

The beach was so alluring that we wanted to sink all the way down and far from the edge, but little scared as there was a red flag on one corner. But still, many people and kids were having fun on the other sides by swimming and playing in the water. One of our little girl Ridima was so fond of swimming, but we couldn't allow her to stay long inside  and asked her to come out of the water just after a while.

 Dancing was the other features of fun and especially one of my friends Bandana Gurung and I decided to start because we had eaten a lot of foods and thought to enjoy by dancing. In fact, dancing has a lot of benefits of mentally and physically. We enjoyed ourselves dancing and it helped to digest the food that we ate. Even other friends didn’t come to dance for a while, we two agreed  that we would be benefited by ourselves and kept on going. Later on, other members also joined for the companion and all had a great time posting live dancing videos in FB and amusing in the group.

Eating BBQ, corn and walking to the beach, group photo shootings were the other parts of entertainment and caricaturing to someone interesting to make others laugh in the group after drinking some wine and beers had added the extra value during that time.  The day was ending soon, but we wanted to make that little longer. Eventually, everybody tired and decided to return back around 7pm.

The beautiful scene on the way gave a great adventure of the trip and added the extra merit. The scene while crossing the Verrazano bridge was fantastic to see the blue water and beautiful surroundings. Everything  perfectly matched for the team and our teamwork was awesome for working together and enjoying together and at the end, we said goodbye for the next time to see again with a new adventure of the trip.