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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Embracing the glory of life

Life is all the ways fluctuations and we have to cope and deal many hard times but that doesn’t mean we are ending up and we have become the unluckiest one in this world. Everyone has to go through the suffering that is not only me neither only you. Everyone has a destiny that I also believe to some extent, but more important than that is our determination, our thought, our ambition which keep moving  forward. 

Just imagine the tree in the winter, how ugly it looks like without leaves without flowers just with its empty limbs. But we find the same tree after the spring, it will be filled with the leaves and flowers with fruits which embrace the environment and adds the charming on the surroundings.
Our life also goes sometimes same ways as of the impact of weather. We are not finding the fruits of ourselves because it is  not the right season, but we have to wait for the right time to enjoy the fruits.

 We can’t be happy always and not all circumstances are favorable for us. We have to have patience and shouldn’t be away from our ambition and determination because those are our future and glory of our life. Which will bring us happiness, joy, and eternal peace which will remain forever. We have to have faith and trust with us. We have to believe ourselves nothing wrong is happening with us. We could have a moment of the off-season where our happiness ruins and spoils, but never let go the positive side of the everything. If we keep on thinking about the bad situations and the moment we failed, it will keep on dragging toward the same again.

In order to be away from those bad things in life, we have to be away from that stuff. Bad things happen in everyone’s life and but our future depends on how we deal with them now. If we feel extremely sad and negative, the best way to remove from the mind is meditation and yoga which are scientifically proven for the mental health and reassurance. If not we have to practice to be positive. reading the books we love, watching the favorite movie and staying efficient and busy with the hope of optimism. Millions of people have their success story after failing thousands of times in their lives. They have succeeded in their lives because they had their faith in them and they believed that they would get the things done one day. Going through the success story of the world famous people also helps us finding the glory of our life.

We might go into the suffering due to the bad relationship with our loved one. But we have to keep in mind that we shouldn’t be devoted only the single one we love the most. We have to have the ability to live ourselves and have to find the happiness within us. Everything is temporary in this world, even our life is not permanent. We have to knock the door of this truth to get inside and get to know about the fact. If someone leaves in the middle of the way, it will be difficult to sometimes but we have to nurture ourselves and have to cope with them easily. We have born alone, will die alone and if we regret on falling in love with someone after we apart from each other, this is only our illusion. Nothing wrong went on while loving and caring each other.

We can’t find perfection anywhere  in this world. We can make a mistake, but we have to make the corrections on the right time. If we know we are not related to someone in the future, it is better to edge the way on the earliest convenience rather than waiting for the long journey. We may find the best relationship in the future or also the possibility is may not, but we have to make ourselves independent creatures in this world. The distraction after breaking the relationship is one of the toughest time to heal it. But we have to deal with them easily. Everything happens by reason, so there might be some reason for that, there must be the hidden secret of breaking off, or we are not the perfect match for this age. There are many reasons behind them. But we shouldn’t think that we are ending our life and our glory is ruined.

The difficult times make us feel that way. We should take everything in an easy way. While saying all of that stuff one of my friends said it is not easy to face as  whatever I am talking about. I know and I can realize myself the journey of hardship and the time that cruel you to the hell when you can’t have something that you like the most. But  as I said above, we can’t gain whatever we want to have because everything is not perfect in this world and we are also made in the same way. As a human being, we have to struggle with many things but with compromise. Life is full of compromise how to find the beauty of life depends on how hard we try to make it happens  and how we can dwell the seeds in our gardens of the soul, it is up to  us.

Taking all the imperfections reality of the life, we have to dig the glory of our life by ourselves. Nothing  other than you will be there to help you if you don’t try yourself. I keep on telling all of that stuff but if you don’t try and don’t practice yourself it doesn’t worth even I try my best. Therefore, in order to embrace the glory of our lives, never expect someone comes to you and make your life with full of blossom, but that is only you and we ourselves who can find it digging within us and finding the inner peace and beauty in ourselves. The end.