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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Change should start first within us

Change is  an important aspect of our lives and inevitable by itself. It comes and happens even if we try to avoid it, but we human being are looking for the changes in the world and seeking the better future and better lives which are not possible without  changing ourselves. In order to make changes in the world, the first and most important aspect are it should start within us. We have to change our mentality, concept, perception and our attitude which should be diverted to the outcomes of changes.
Fairy pool, Scotland.
The  first place of changes should be applied to our lives. If we want to change the world we have to apply that significance  ourselves first. It is very difficult to change someone unless she/he wants to change by itself internally. The initiation of changes should arise from inside of the soul otherwise, it is toughest issues to make changes to someone’s life.

The famous leader of India Mahatma Gandhi had said, ‘ Be the change you want to see in the world”. That means whatever the changes we are looking for in this world to see we have to start first applying in our life. If we want to end the corruption in the world, we have to show them doing that thing and avoiding that from our lives. We have to be an example of changes that should be applied to all other people of the world. If we want to have the peace, we should start our peace loving environment from our individual life and should prepare oneself mentally.

It is difficult to start oneself, but each individual willingness to change creates power and inspires the other to follow them. We have to face the criticism in order to invite the changes in our society or to change the existing norms and values of the tradition, but changes don't come without facing the criticism and despair behavior of the existing thing .  As per the Newton law of motion, everything remains in uniform motion unless  the external force is applied there. For the same reason in order to make a change in the society, there should be some external factor that needs to be applied to them. That force might be the changes that we apply to our lives first facing the criticism.

We can’t remain in the same stages in our lives because of the various factors affecting us every day. The changes in technology have made our lives easier as well inviting the challenges every day. We have to cope with them and have to enjoy with them adopting them their aspire parts in our lives. In order to have a better world than what we have now, we need to have changes in the system, policy, environment and everything that is related to that aspect.

Many great leaders of the world have invited the changes to make this world better than the previous time. Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Abram Lincoln are the example of change maker in this world and history, we never forgot their names even they are not here physically.
Changes are inevitable in our life, but it is very difficult to bring and adopt as people want to live in the existing environment because they have been used to living there and applying the same circumstances as they have.

We  are looking to have a better environment, better jobs, better drinking water and better way of living our lives. All of those are not possible without changes. In order to have the better law and order in the nation, the existing one should be changed and has to invite the new one

If the change wouldn’t have happened, we couldn’t have lived this life  now. We would have lived our lives in the jungle or still in the cave roaming here and there. Due to the changes that happened have invited the revolution in the world. It has made our lives better and more comfortable than as of our ancestors. Change is an essential part of life and we have to welcome and bring it in the world to make everything better than today.

The social change is one of the  most important aspects of our lives because there are still many superstitions and traditional ritual things are existed which need to be changed in order to avoid the bad things and welcome to the new concepts of living being. The traditional concept said women should not be educated and should stay at home taking care the family and children, but due to the changes happened in the world the disparity in the gender has been reduced and the voice of equality has been rising. Many women have reached in the most powerful positions and have been equal to the men which were not possible without the changes. The end.