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Friday, August 5, 2016

This is how the language matter the most!

A language is a means of communication, without consciousness the languages of someone’s we can’t understand what each individual is trying to express. While traveling in the foreign world, language is the main problem for
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the people to find a job and to settle down in the overseas. While working and staying in the native country, we understand foreign languages, which is used as an International language English, but in practical life that will differ than what we know in our theoretical life, and that creates problems. It takes the time to adjust to the new environment and to acquire an understanding of the foreign people due to the way of our expression. Many people face difficulties while searching a job and understanding to each other in the foreign land. I have a very sweet memory in my mind that I faced with one of my jobs after I came to the United State. I worked with a few Spanish people; few of them used to speak both English and Spanish very fluently, but some weren’t able to speak English. I used to understand a little bit Spanish but were unable to respond in the same. There were four Spanish colleagues who used to work at a workshop; I used to work at a desk with a computer. Sometimes, I used to say hi in the morning that they knew in English, but I also knew Ohla, and Bueno Does that means in English Hi, Good morning. By some purpose, I used to enter their workshop during my lunchtime and some time to get some stuff from them. There was an old guy who knew both languages and there was one young guy whose name was Sittor, who was unable to speak and understand English. He wanted to talk with me a lot, but he kept on speaking Spanish and I used to talk in English. Due to that reason I just smiled at him, as I didn’t understand what he was trying to say. The older guy interpreted that, he liked me and he wanted to talk with me. I replied to the old man, I liked not only him but also all of them. I really didn’t know, what he interpreted him, but the old guy used to tease me several times whenever I met them all together. I told him, not to tease that way because I didn’t have any difference to all what I think and treat them. Sometimes, he used to tell me that wouldn’t be fair to like all the men as they were all difference individual, but I tried to convince them they were equal for me because they were all my colleagues. But still, he didn’t listen to me and joined my name with Sittor and kept me kidding and teasing most of the time whenever I encountered with them. I started to visit them rarely because of the old guy I didn’t feel comfortable talking with them most of the time. The first reason was we didn’t understand each other; the second reason was the old guy used to tease me frequently and I was confused what he interpreted to the innocent Sittor. One day, I had to go to the workshop to get some napkins at that time one woman who also used to work there said Sittor was sad as I changed my way going there and if anything wrong happened because of him. I felt so sorry for not understanding to each other, but responded her there were not any reason and that was not because of him; I became busy with myself and but still I was meeting them once or twice in a day. He looked very innocent and he was one of the youngest among all other workers. I said; ‘ you are in the United States, it's better if you learn English”, in response he said I have to learn Spanish rather asking him to learn English. I wish I could speak Spanish fluently at that time, but unfortunately, even I used to understand little bit couldn’t speak and talk with him very well. I realized how the languages make a difference in understanding each other. I felt very bad what was the way he was taking me because of the misinterpretation. I am still thinking I would meet him one day and explain in detail in his own language. The end.