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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Hilary Clinton Has made a history

The democratic presidential nominee Hilary Clinton has made a history of the United State becoming the first woman presidential candidate nominee in the history. Now women can dream themselves to become a president one day. A little girl can imagine that she could be a president in her future. The
assumption of women consideration has been strengthened due to her nomination. Whatever the political belief every woman has, but it is the time to think about breaking the tradition which is patriarchal system not only in the family but also in politics.  United State is one of the most powerful country in the world, but none of the women have taken the position of President yet. Hilary Clinton should be the president of the United State  not only because she is a woman, but also she is one of the most qualified candidates because of her experience that she has already served to this nation as the First Lady, Senator and the Secretary of the state.

She has faced many challenges in her life, but she is not tired yet. She keeps on going and moving forward in her life. Tackling with challenges and facing the criticism that made against her, she never gives up. American constitution amendment for women's participation in  politic has been realized only after many years as Clinton has been the first woman nominated for a presidential candidate from a major  party of America. It is a great inspiration and hopes for the young Americans and women of all the nations where they are denied in most of the opportunities. It has opened to door to all the women to fight for the most powerful position of President of United State.

Her opponents discourage hers accusing her many ways, but Clinton is not that weak and she can acknowledge the stiff challenges and will make it happen. She will prove her qualifications and dedication soon in the future. About four decades; Mrs Clinton has listened and spoken to the children and poor people. None of any knows whatever she understands about the children and women. She has also deep feeling for the people who are working hard everyday to make the life to happen. She is in favor of the workers' rights that make every individual need not to be dependent of the government. She has been raising many important issues for the children, for the women, low income people, healthcare, immigrants and many more.

Her former rival, Senator Bernie Sender also endorses her because of her dedication and hard work. President Barak Obama believes that none of the president of United State is as qualified as Mrs Clinton. Mr. President knows her devotion and her accomplishment that she has made tackling with the severe challenges playing the role of the Secretary of the State. The First, he combination of her qualification, experience and her personality have made her the most relevant presidential candidate for United State. The First Lady Michele Obama endorses the Mrs. Clinton because she believes that Clinton has a power to shape the children for four to eight years. According to her Clinton is not the one who buckles under pressure.