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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Instability of Government in Nepal; a major political problem.

The government of Nepal keeps on changing frequently as the political leader fights for the power rather than resolving the problems of the nation. Numerous problems are still unresolved yet since
there was a hope of new Nepal after the proclamation of Federal Republican Democracy in Nepal, where all the people will have the equal respect and dignity living in the country identifying their values and norms restructuring  the nation as a federal government.

More than 17,000 people sacrificed their lives to build the new nation and new Nepal, where all the indigenous and minority rights would be established and they would reach at the decision-making level and their rights are preserved all the ways from central government to the local level. Their dream ruined when the main leaders of the revolutionary political party Maoist left their principle and merged with the other political party in the name of the peace process and to implement the constitution assembly.

The new government has been formed as the parliament elected the former rebel Maoist leader Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ as a 39th prime minister's of Nepal.  The instability in the government has been dictated, as the Dahal became the 9th Prime Minister during the period of 10 years, replacing the Prime Minister KP Oli, the chairman of CPN-UML Most of the government in Nepal has been formed as a coalition with ministerial portfolios from different political parties.  One of the major problems of the instability in the government is because of the lack of enough capacity to run a government by any one particular political party during the second Constituent Assembly of Nepal. Dahal has been leading as a prime minister the second time in the country as many had expected a lot during his first tenure of Prime Minister but which were abolished as he became unable to implement his theory in his practical life. Dahal had led the Maoist insurgency during the period of 1996 to 2006. He is the one to whom the Prime Minister of that time Sher Bahadur Deuba had offered $50,000 bounty for his head during the insurgency. Dahal has been collated  with the same party with Deuba nowadays.

One of the toughest issues for this government is to implement the new constitution, which has been rejected by the indigenous and a minority people. As said in the interim constitution, the proclaimed new constitution hasn’t guaranteed the right of the women, indigenous and minority people of Nepal; rather it has seized their existing rights. Dahal is considered to be worth of the lives of more than 17,000 martyrs of Nepal, he is now being criticized having the life of luxury accumulating the billions of amount as his wealth.  Most of the people who sacrificed their lives belonged to the indigenous people who were assured that they would have the power to rule their own identity based federal, state and the basis will be their religion, their identity and their ability. Most of them are already destroyed as the constitution hasn’t recognized and identified the federal states not as per they had expected. Due to that reason; Indigenous, Madhesi and the minority of people are disappointed with the new Prime Minister Dahal though none of the issues even addressed by the former Prime Minister KP Oli.

Nepal economic situation is based on the foreign currency where millions of Nepalese people are in the foreign land and working hard and earning for the survival of their family. In this poor country Nepal, due to the devastated earthquake in last year all the victims haven’t been resumed back to their normal life due to lack of government assistance, though millions of dollars have reached with the Government for the sake of their welfare and settling their life back