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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Communication could be the resolutions

Communication is an important tool for exchanging an idea and views. In this today’s world, it is the means of living and surviving in the sense that without effective communication we can’t have what
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we want to do. It is absolutely true that we human being has to do something for survival and can’t spend our time without doing anything even if we don’t have any obligation to do. In this course of action, we need to communicate with the people, with our family members and many more. If we involve in the business then we have to talk with the clients. It is the most important aspect of every way of human living to have better communication skills means to have a better way of living styles wherever we go in the world.
If we apply for the job, on every job requirement, we find the communication skills. Employers don’t only find someone qualified in some particular field but in order to implement that knowledge someone has to have the effective communication to transfer the knowledge and create some product. If someone has profound knowledge in technology and creating a new product, but if that individual can’t communicate well with the people it is very tough to transfer his knowledge to the end user. If he/she can create the most valuable product of the world, but it will be worthless unless he/she will transfer that understanding to the end users. Someone has to deal with the people, with the clients, with colleagues and other people surrounding everywhere to sell oneself in the market.
I am writing this article doesn’t mean I have been succeeded in my every aspect. Even in the struggle stage, it is wise to exchange own ideas, view and beliefs with people, which will  be helpful to all the people including my friends, relatives and many more in order to have the better aspects of life in every course of action.
It is important while working in a team. If we can’t communicate with the team members, we can’t explain we are working out and how the work that we are performing is worthwhile for all the team members. Working in every industry, we have to deal with the people, which are either end user or mediator, we have to explain our service or whatever product we are involved.  If we don’t possess that ability, none can imagine working there. Every aspect is considered with the ability even that could be something else different than speaking, one has to have the communication skills no matter what the organization could be.
 Communication has a vast meaning and impact on every business industry and organization. Leaving them aside, if we take our daily lives, it brings incredible meaning and values of everything that we have every day. For example, if we don’t communicate well with our boss and colleagues, we can’t let them know the work environment whether we are having difficulties with us. Making a good conversation make clear for everything either in work or home everywhere we reach and whatever we do every time. At one of my previous job, I thought I should be calm to my manager most of the time to prevent myself from being offensive to him. I thought keeping me quite is the way of ethical behavior that’s what I had to be polite most of the time. But one day, while bearing all of his short tempers when he didn’t stop the thing, I explained him all the matters of fact and why I was trying to be so polite with him. After communicating with him at the peace environment, he realized that he mistreated the situation because of my respect all the time that I gave to him. I tolerated several things from my spouse as he used to go out of his temper most of the time. I thought I should keep on calm so, he would stop by himself and realize by himself. But that matters became serious as he was crossing the boundary going far beyond the limit. I decided to talk with him whatever the situation could be. After talking with him nicely as it wasn’t the fair at all keeping myself calm and we had to sort out the issues rather hurting someone every day. That’s how it worked after letting him know the truth, what I was feeling.

From my experience, the matter of communication is not effective in professional life, but it's also necessary to be clear about everything at home; with friends, relatives or whatever we encounter every moment. That’s why communication makes the difference in our life rather than keeping and hiding a lot of concerns and quires without resolving them.