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Friday, August 12, 2016

It is not only me, neither only you, we are many in the same boat!

I visited one of my sister who recently lost her Mother in Nepal. I wanted to spend some more time as I did but I was running late to grab my little boy. Unable to stay long, but still tried to assure her telling my own story; she is not only the one in the America, I was also the same who had planned to visit my family but my father left before two weeks as I had planned.  She was complaining that she couldn’t meet her mother and  became unable to take care her at the last moment as her mother was having a hard time. She can’t travel to Nepal at this time as her document is in the process of reviewing. She is not the one who didn’t see her mother’s face at the end of her life; we many people who are struggling in the foreign land are in the same boat. Her situation reflected my past as I lost my father though I was dreaming of meeting him after 7 years.

I told her my story; how I consoled myself as I was a mother of the little boy at that time and even I couldn’t cry to bring my sorrow out in this world. How unlucky I was, who even couldn’t cry for her father’s departure? I know my father was struggling with various health problems and he might have
taken the rest instead of having trouble due to those circumstances, but it's very tough for me to bear if he was going away why there were 7 years? I didn’t see him during that long, but he kept me waiting? Why he rushed away while I was planning to see him? Those are many unresolved questions that strike me every time when I remember my father. But I have to soothe myself thinking all the people around who also became unable to see their parents at the last moments of their life.

That’s how our conversation went on talking about my past and her present situation. She looks quite young but as her two sons are already married and one has had children too. She said: she shouldn’t need to stay on this earth longer. I scared about what she was telling me, I tried to convince her about the value and importance of living. Our life is not only for the sake of our children and someone else; rather it is for us to enjoy during this stay. After completing the responsibilities we can enjoy our life by ourselves in our own way what we choose to do. I gave her one example; it was only a week before, when I went to volunteer at the city office of Queens Borough, I saw one couple they looked almost more than 60 years of age, had worn beautiful dress and bounces of flower carrying in their hand. They both looked very happy and were holding the hand of each other. I wasn’t aware of why they had appeared there at that way. I came to know from the city employee; they were getting married and were there for the ceremony. I surprised and felt oh! But it was true. In order to have happiness in life; neither the age block nor any other conditions. If they are happy, they can always choose the way they want to do. I also told her  many other examples as many American people who get married at the age of 40 and have children at the later age but nothing has been the barrier on their way to their happiness what they want to deserve.

That’s how our conversation concentrated on. On the way to home, I kept one thinking about the obligation of the people who are committed to different things with different situations and have to goodbye to the parents who love the most in the earth and who are the only one creature responsible for bringing us to this earth from far away. I felt so sad about her occurrences, but I was also in the same boat that didn’t see her father’s face at the end of his life. We know the value of our parents how caring and loving they are, how importance they are in our life, but as we are parted into the different continent of the world we are very regretful for not being able to take care them physically when they need us. Millions of people  on this earth are in the same boat; it is not only me, neither only you. It is the rule of nature. Only the fortunate can have their parents in their lap while they are going away from this world.