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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Keeping the relationship and moving forward

The relationship doesn’t  only mean  the relation between husband and wife or a girl friend and boy friend, but it  also indicates the whole scenarios of a human being who live as a social creature. We keep on relating to each other in many ways that don't only matter for the own concern, but also
Guphapokhari, Nepal
relates to helping each other as being the human and a social creature of the world.  The world is infinite to understand as well the human being. Due to the diverse nature in empathetic and the way of meriting the things that we encounter; we are facing the challenges every day and it has been toughest issues to keep our relations ongoing.  Divorces, separation, conflicts are the example of the breaking relationship among the people. Those are the unwanted and unwillingness stuff even we have to face them.

We are different because of the place we born, the way we have raised and education, we took and also the cultural and social environments impact we have admitted. We have been nurtured in an unlike the atmosphere than other grown up. Everything is dissimilar with every individual and it matters a lot during the session of schooling and going back to the higher educations. We have to keep relating to each other to move forward. Keeping the relations matters the most when we have to work some project in a team.

Keeping all  of the distinction in mind helps us to maintain the relation ongoing. We never find the perfect arithmetic as we wish to be in our favor. Everything is possible in teamwork and keeping away from the team creates isolation and failure in life. Therefore, it gives great values in life with spending a precious time and working in a team. Hurting people are nothing but troublesome to all of us. Respecting the other’s opinion help to keep on moving forward and staying in touch with relatives and loved ones. If we respect to other only then we can expect the same from them.

Avoiding the argument is one of the important tools to maintain a healthy relationship with friends and family. If we think somebody is making a mistake but makes a big argument against that, it ruins the relationship with the people. Instead of arguing with something, we can think calmly and
makes our best judgment how to overcome from that problem. Which helps to resolve the drawback.

Forgiving is another valuable trait which keeps the relationship ongoing. We know every individual is different and no one is solid perfect in the world. We have to accept the fact and should forgive to the people if they make a mistake by accident. If something happens by purpose, we have to find out the solution on the better way, but forgiving to someone who also try to cheat us will regret one day and come back to us for an apology and need our empathy and compassion.

We are not in the same mood all the times; our circumstances, workload, environment and many factors are there, which make us sad and sometimes happy. A lot of things are created in this world, but which impact whom depends on the uniqueness of each individual. We perceive the same thing in different ways. Understanding the uniqueness of each individual help us keeping together and making the bond stronger. We shouldn’t compel to someone to agree what we think is correct because of his/her uniqueness in this world.

Considering all of those features as mentioned above are the tools that are very crucial to keep in mind. It is one of the toughest issues to keep on moving with many people in life and making the friendship and relative for everlasting due to various factors as stated.  If we practice and apply those tips as said, it will save us because friendship and relationships are an essential facet of life to be positive, motivated and to deserve the happiness of life that we can achieve by own understanding and values creating ourselves and utilizing them in everyday life.