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Monday, August 22, 2016

Overcoming from tragedy

Life is full of mystery with a lot of fluctuations that we have to fight a lot of battles every day. People in the world are facing physical and emotional trauma due to the different reasons, which are very difficult to get rid of. We
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never want to lose our loved ones and our relatives who love us the most, but life is always enclosed with uncertainties and we never know when the tragedy comes to us. Mental illness is a serious issue for a human being and needs an immediate healing and reassurance otherwise, it will be the toughest diseases to treat. Diverse tragedy occurs in every individual life that could cause physical pain or emotional pain. Both are harmful to everyone and those are an unwanted strain in our lives. Even we try to avoid them, but we have to cope with them when we encounter unexpectedly on our way. Coping with them and managing our lives to tackle with those situations help us to get reassured faster than without preparation or without any understanding of those issues. The tragedy is unbelievable to everyone in the beginning and also no one can accept that fact initially because it hurts and pain. Learning and understanding the tragedy help us to ease us when we encounter with that suddenly. When it comes to us, we think that only I am the unluckiest people of the world and the sky is falling down on my head. Let’s make our vision wider than what we believe and think. Considering to the other people in the hardship helps us to ease our pain. I have my own experience when I lost my father, I thought that way. I am the only one on this earth unluckiest woman who even can’t see her father’s face at the end of his life. But when I made my vision wider, saw that many people had gone under the same circumstances, as they were very far from the country and unable to see their parents at the end. When we lost our loved ones, emotional roller coaster, helplessness, anger, fear and anxiety so many factors suffer us and give us a hard time. Mental assurances play a vital role in this kind of tough time. Meeting with relatives, friends, and sharing with them pain and pressures and counting them in mind who have also undergone with the same kind of hardship help us a lot to recover from that. Never stay alone and keep your sorrow inside, letting them go outside offers us remedies and relief. We know it is very difficult to forget someone to whom we love the most. But only thinking of someone who is already gone away from our lives is only the waste of time. It is better to remove all the reminders who give us pain and frequently haul to that hardship. It is better to practice to detach the picture from internal soul and physical stuff. We know we want to see the picture and its okay after we recover from that of disaster, but for now just put away all of those images or any other kinds of stuff, which repeats us the loss, and it is easier to treat our pain. Remembering someone who we have lost is worthless even though we can’t do it at that mean time. We have to divert our mind to our future, to our present and to our upcoming days with the joys because we are born alone and we will die alone. The companionship of someone is only temporary and nothing remains with us everlasting until our death, which is inevitable and truth of life. We have to accept the fact and learn the lesson to be creative doing something and helping the people so we will be remembered after our death. Memory is only the lasting, non-material substances can which stays in people’s heart forever, but all the physical substances are temporary in this world that we have to realize on time.