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Friday, August 19, 2016

" Is Life Flower or Thorn ?"

People have defined the life as their own perception. Some people think that life is like a flower and but few people compare with a thorn. Either it is flower or thorn depends on what we feel about our
life. The famous writer Jhamak Kumari Ghimire who has born with cerebral palsy believes that life is a flower. She can’t talk, can’t walk and she is disabled physically, but writes with the help of her foot. She has defined her life with flower even she encountered with many thorns on her way.  We can’t even imagine how tough the life she had spent in her early age. Many of her relatives and her neighbors had suggested her parents to kill and throw away in the river because they thought that she would be burdened to her family. Her childhood was horrible as none of the family realized she was also a human being and needs to be taught. She had saddened as only their siblings were taught and felt ignored during that time, but grabbed that opportunity while her siblings were reading.
She became the happiest woman when she knew to write Ka the Nepali alphabet for the first time in the mud by her foot.

She couldn’t walk like normal people and it was difficult to move here and there as her limbs didn’t support her fairly. She used to shrug little bit with a lot of effort when she understood she had to go to the bathroom far away from the home. She has mentioned her all her past how she thought and how she found the beauty in her struggle.

Her parent had never thought, she would be one of the family members who will win the “Madan Puraskar” one of the largest prizes of Nepal and put the name of the whole family. She couldn’t talk since her birth so she was considered that she shouldn’t need to go to school to learn something. Her heart broke down several times while her siblings were sent to the school and she had been captivated in the home because of her disability. No one thought about what was in her mind, what she wanted to do? What was her willingness to do? Her family was busy for working in order to survive their family, and taking care her rest of the siblings. But as far she remembered, she was never considered in their mind how to teach her and give her knowledge as other general people. At that time, she broke frequently and found herself only the burden to the earth. But her courage and willingness kept her moving and her parent realized the hidden knowledge with her one day.  Even she couldn’t express her feeling by speaking, she has a great power of communication by writing.  She proved one day showing her parent to let them know what she wanted to do. Only after then she got a pen and paper to write and books to read.

She has written various books till the time and has been awarded  many prizes. She is the columnist of one of the popular national daily newspaper Kantipur. Now, she has been one of the great literary women of Nepal. She has been able to keep not only her name but also the name of the nation in the world.

“Is life flower or thorn” is a book written by her. She found the beauty in her life, even as she went through that circumstance.  As we born and enjoy on this earth and will go away one day.  How we deserve this life during our stay on this earth depends on how we think and perceive ourselves. It is beautiful like a flower if we take our life that way, but it could be worse, like thorn if we drive our mind in that way.  We are here in this world temporary and everything in this world is not permanent. We have to deserve the happiness, whatever we want to have. But it doesn’t mean all the things should go as per our wish. But finding the happiness in the hardship gives the real meaning of life.  Physically how difficult the life of Jhamak Ghimire, but she dug deep inside and found the real meaning of living in this world.