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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Dream of my mother (short story)

It was about a time to enjoy with friends as we were having the party to celebrate the New Year eve. We were welcoming the New Years wishing all the best, prosperity, happiness , joy and all better than what we spent yesterday. It was a fun to enjoy with friends in the foreign land, even working hard on weekdays. At least we would get the opportunity to forget pain and pressure what we went through during the working hours. That was
Bear Mountain
the day today We had planned a previous week, so I couldn't cancel this event today, even though I was not in a mood to have a fun as I got a bad news from Nepal because my mother hospitalized after encountering some problems. I even didn't want to share with my friends about this issue as I didn't want to mess up their plan and ruin their happiness letting them know whats going on with me. I involved physically with them, but my mind was out of that state of enjoying the party. I tried very hard to capture all of my pain inside of me, but still, I was unable to have fun as much as I should have with them. I was very hurry to end that up and wanted to rush rush out. For me, everything was taking a long time. The two to three hours party became, almost of three days for me to stay there making myself stronger as it wasn't easy to pretend with them hiding something inside. While looking at the clock, I released long breathe when it was 12am, at least I could request all of my friends to go home as was our permission at that restaurant.

They wanted to spend the time longer than that and if that wasn't possible there they planned to go somewhere else. Luckily, I became able to escape from them. I called to Nepal immediately after arriving in the room. The doctors were assuring my cousin sister who was taking care there. She suddenly had to go to the hospital without any previous clue. She was well until yesterday and talking about my marriage as she wanted to have her grandchildren before she dies. I am the only one son of my mother's who spent her life just for the sake of me and to make my life stand myself. My father died when she was still young and I was only five years of age. She struggled very hard to raise me working for the rich people for a couple of years and later on she managed to operate a tiny coffee shop by herself in order to raise me and to educate me. Due to her loneliness, many people tried to take advantage of her. Some borrowed money from my kind-hearted mother and never returned that back. Many people used to have coffee in credit, but they never turned to pay them in the future. Even with those difficult days, she became optimistic, kept faith on herself with the hope that I would make her days one day. She had an imagination that I would be grown up one day and fulfilled her all desire for her happiness, would make her life stay with an everlasting happiness. Even I was a little boy of single mother, I had a blessing of my mother who had a huge determination.

After realizing her hard work, I started to labor hard in the school. I used to help her during the morning and evening and concentrated very well for my study. I always had in my mind, I had to pass my class with the higher score only then I could get a job after completion of my education that would make my mother"s dream be fulfilled. I got a scholarship While obtaining the highest score on my 12 class, which made me to come to the United State for further study. She became the happiest woman in the world. She thought she got the return of her hard work and her God heard her pledge and fulfilled her dream to come to be true. Even it was quite difficult for both of us to be apart with each other, we were excited to see our brighter future and she made herself strong also consoled me to be with a wider heart all the possible ways I could make myself.
In the beginning of the days, it was very difficult to be away from my mom who was the one love me the most and living her life just for me. I thought myself I should not be weak, I must be the strongest man in this world for the sake my mother and for the sake of my mother's dream to make to be true. I was spending my every moment keeping all the things in my mind. I was just waiting to complete my course and wanted to hug my mother with a huge accomplishment in life. I became sad today, I was not able to take care her at that hard time. I couldn't sleep throughout the night, just stayed awake waiting the call from my cousin to hear the update of my mother health.

At the mean time my phone rang and picked up the phone, on the other side, I just heard that she was weeping as I asked her why she couldn't speak. After a few while she said my mother is no more in this earth. The sky was falling down on my head, everything was moving like a tide in the sea. I cried a lot why the God is so merciless who even didn't allow me to see my mother face at the end who lived her life just for the sake of me. Why to live my life without my mother? What are the value and meaning of living the life in her absence? I have been tattling as I was injured due to the injustices happened to me. I don't know tomorrow but today is the worst day for me. I couldn't believe it's real. But eventually, I found myself in the hospital bed as I was fainted after the news. I can just pray to the pitiless God for the peace of her souls. Mom ! you will be remained always in my heart rest in peace. I am sorry mom, I had found the heaven in your lap but how unlucky I became, I even couldn't put you in my lap when you were leaving this world. I will fulfill your dream even though you couldn't deserve this happiness for this life. I want to be your son in my next life, please wait for me. I am the sure mom, I won't go away, leaving you alone for the life whenever I will have again on this earth. I am sorry ! Mom!