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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Influence of past and present

Definitely, we all have our past and what we are living with is present.  The Past could be sweet or bitter whatever we have spent directly and indirectly influences our present.  It is also said that our present is determined by many factors of past for example; environment we have grown up, the education we took, family background, nature of surroundings and community members and occupations of our parents. All of those are the past variables connected with our present, which has a direct impact on where we are today.
Niagara Falls, NY. How we spent our childhood,

Our main concern is to segregate our past influentials.  If we had a terrible past life, we have to focus on how to overcome them  to move forward in our lives. Everyone must have gone with different situations in the past. We could have very interesting past lives as well; some of us might have spent the horrible due to some tragedy that we never want to remember again.  Whatever the past either it is sweet or bitter, past has already gone, but only the memory has left  with us frequently striking in our present. We have to learn to be proud at the accomplishment we made instead of regretting with the failure in the past. We have to celebrate our reward even we had a bitter time yesterday. That is already passed away and never come back, but our present is more precious that we have to deserve our happiness.

We have to forget the past if it is very awful which might cause depression, hurt or negatively impact our life in the present. We always know that life is never perfect and we can’t expect everything prosperous and charming every day. Unwillingly, we have to cope with complications, face the catastrophe and have to endure undesirable surroundings.  It is very tough to forget the past, but if it has a negative impact on our present we have to neglect that because it will never return back. We can’t take back the consumed days as a water of the river flowing at its own pace.  We shouldn’t regret with the past, even though we made a mistake and failed. We have to learn a positive lesson from that part which directs us in the present and guides to be successful.  Thinking about the past is just a waste of time if we have spent the horrible days due to certain circumstances, but, if we had a beautiful time with our family, friends, and colleagues and thinking those days strengthen the present and fill us with new energy and enthusiasm, definitely we have to recall them. Even we try to ignore some of those days, they still  carry some hidden impact in our life.  We have to play a determining factor taking along with us in the present.

We have to forget that terrible past if it destructs our present. We have to take that as a part of life that everyone has to go. We have to learn a lesson from our failures and take caution today. It is worthy if we try to find the reason of failure in the past, which escorts us in present to succeed. Even it is already gone, but it has some influential impact in our life; we have to repeat that going throughout our memory and recall them to make our present.  Therefore, the best past could be the friend of the present, but the worst past is the devil of our present. Let's kill the devil and keep our friendship ever going whenever we can be together on the way of our life.

We are living the life in the present, which shapes our future. Our present directly regulates our future. If we have a great vision of doing something today, it might give the ultimate result in the future, but instead of working hard, if we become idle and spend our time mostly in an entertaining, nothing more than regrettable days will come. That’s why, if we want to make our brighter future, we have to make a better effort with our own verdict.  Life will be purposeful if we have a determination today. That’s why the present is the foundation for future and director of tomorrow.  Wider vision, mission and having a realistic goal, identities our future and make our life a thrill. END