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Friday, August 26, 2016

The matters of happiness

Happiness matters a lot in our life, but the way of attaining the happiness and the motive to be happy is distinctive for each individual. Everyone in the world has own perception about the happiness and the way to be happy also
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for each individual. I could be happy by doing something, but the same item doesn’t apply to my friends and family. Therefore, how to define the happiness depends on how we think, how we pursue and what matters in our lives.
People have a different level of necessities as it begins from the basic needs. The people who have empty stomachs require food to eat and survive in the world. People who don’t have clothes to cover the arms need the clothes to save from cold and hot weather. Water, food, shelter and clothes are the basic requirements. People who are deprived of the basic needs are willing to fulfill them to make their lives better and live the life happily. This is just an example, but the needs of the people are not the same. If some can be happy earning a huge sum of money, but the same things don't matter for the happiness of others. Therefore, happiness doesn’t concern with substantial ownership neither only determined by something we accomplish. The happiness of people depends on solely how we perceive the things and the way of our living. If we keep on thinking sadly something and remember the bad experiences that we had spent in the past, we will be sad and depressed most of the time. But people with easy going nature, and who take everything simply and naturally can be happy with whatever they have achieved and controlled so far in their lives. That is the reason even the wealthiest people can’t be happy living in the palace, but which could be found in the huts for others. Happiness is not like something, which we can compare with physical materials or money. Even the rich people can’t stay happy with their wealth if they are divested from the perpetual joy in their lives rather poor people who still have to worry about hand to mouth can be spending their happy life. We cannot buy the happiness, neither we can borrow from someone, it comes from inside the soul and it matters us a lot in our life. Staying happy is directly associated with the healthy life, but taking tension and frustration cause an adverse reaction in life and failure from everywhere. As an optimistic mind, the happiness can guide to the people toward success, but none in this world like the depressed and frustrated people everywhere. Everyone in this world wants to be happy no one goes through suffering, but we don’t know how to be happy in life. Happiness of each individual is influenced by their own way of living, their perception and thinking about the life and perceiving it Happy people are more productive, effective and progressive than unhappy people. How the happiness matters in life are the most important feature and the ordinance issue that we have to plunge deeply even we don’t have today have to try to have them in future to change something and to make this world better. Nothing is possible without happiness because if we stay sad and upset we can’t make any difference in life. The ways of achieving the happiness depend on ourselves because no one can understand how we could be happy or what are the things we need to acquire in order to be happy. We have to identify the happiness for ourselves and have to try to obtain them using any possible ways that we could have. Stay happy, be healthy and live your life longer! Cheers!