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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Understanding the have and haven't

All we know we are a human being and just like a traveller on this earth, who one day returns back. Even our life is short but has to go through the various circumstances. Our desire and willingness
Hemanta Shrestha On the way to Mt. Everest
never end and rolling back and forth every day. We want to grab one opportunity, but after having that we want to have more and many things stand by that need to be addressed. This is the way of living and way of life to live. While going to work today, found some homeless people sleeping on the road. It saddened and towed me to write this article based on what I thought about myself thinking about the richest people of the world and the poorest people sleeping on the road.

Many organizations and people are serving to the people of haven’t in order to protect them from hunger, cold and bear arms and US government is always there to help the needy and poor people providing the food stamp, shelter and many more, but still why people are on the road even in the country of the most powerful in the world? This is not a country of Asia and Africa, the people are in the country where thousands want to come to fulfill their dream to have a better life, better education and live the life in the way what they want to have and spend the rest of the life.

I have a great respect for the people who are asking the penny for the sake of homeless and needy people and even spending their precious time to provide the food and water saying that everyone has a right to live on this earth. I have encountered many groups who drag a bag pack of foods asking if anyone wants to eat or if anyone is interested in saving the people from hunger by contributing some money. I have never seen a single one asking to eat, though. But it is horrible to find people standing on the road asking even a penny. Sometimes I surprise for the people who have four limbs and everything seems perfect, but instead of working come to the road and trains to beg to tell the story of whatever they have. But many frauds have been captured in living the life of a beggar on the road and enjoying the precious life in fact. But, whatever the mind of people to beg it is only the poorest and never accomplish a big dream in life.

Many people have been homeless and beggar because they don’t have a legal document to have the support of the government. People see the dream of going to the land of opportunity and grab the money like picking the leaves from a tree. But due to the lack of knowledge and proper guidance their dreams ruin and they end up going to the street.   I am proud, as I haven’t seen the people from Nepal sitting on the road because we are the people who stand on the own feet with dignity and respect.

This is how the have and haven’t had created in this world. The people with the narrow vision with the small background will be limited in the same world where they find the happiness, but the rich people always tend to achieve the biggest accomplishment in their lives and set a goal within a certain period of time and that direct them to accomplish during that time. We are enclosed with many problems, as we are the first generation on the battlefield, it is tough to have the life in a new environment without having the proper education and knowledge whatever the people of this country are having.  But we are laborious, hardworking and even begin the life from zero level, we dream to reach very high and reach in the park one day.

The research of have and haven’t shown that people who keep on having more, and dreaming a big achieve big, but people who don’t try and dream for small satisfy with whatever they possess. But the fact is dreaming big is not a factor in my own opinion, there are many things that play a role to make this gap happen. For example, I am just in the phase of struggle; if I dream a big like to be a billionaire next year that is unachievable. We have to have our mind big, think big and dream big but all that should matter and match with the present situation. Without the concurrent basis only dreaming is not an acceptable reason to be rich. We have to identify who we are, what we are and what could be our prospect to achieve. It is, of course, we should have a dream, but that should be attainable otherwise instead of making rich it drags to the frustration, which we don’t want to be.

But it is definitely important to have a commitment and should overcome the fear of failure. Without any failure, there is no way to cross the road and reach the peak. Happiness in not measured with money, but people with a wider vision should have a vision of looking a better whatever we have and how we could be happier or healthier than now. That’s how the success should be measured in my  observation.