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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Forgiveness is the best revenge

We are a human being and we are different in nature and we can’t get along with each other all the time. We hurt people sometime and someone hurts us because of some reasons. We are accepting the fluctuations every moment. While working with different people, they sting us in various ways, either by purpose or by accident. Most of the people think to take a revenge with someone who hurt by hurting them back or doing something that will have a
Switzerland view. Photo courtesy Prashantha Wijesinghe
negative impact
on them. But thinking all of the revenge is valueless and we don’t have that far distance to go together. We might separate tomorrow or today by the end of the day that we are not sure. Walking with uncertainties in every moment, it is a shame to dream, to harm somebody for their mistreatment. We don’t know the truth, whether their treatment was fair or not or by their purpose or not. Even if we know somebody hurts us by purpose, taking revenge with them affecting their individual life doesn’t make a sense in our too short journey. Forgiveness is a tough issue in individual’s life to practice because of the sense of our memory and the nature we are born and growing up with taking revenge of any kind. If someone gets mad at us, it will be a way to find something for them to harm. When we are hurt severely by someone’s behavior; even in a slow motion, we keep on thinking about the revenge by punching them back. When we are wounded by someone, we will be fueled to have the strength to go against with them. This is the way of human being and way of living of our lives. Political leaders keep on playing the game of hide and seek; taking the revenge and punching them back looking for the right time to get each others. In our practical life, thinking about the revenge is like a poison. If someone hurts us and we make our mind and plan against them just to a revenge is a waste of time, nothing more. Rather than spoiling your mind and spending time thinking a lot about the revenge, why don’t you use your mind something creative and productive for all creatures? I know we are very excited to infuriate to someone by purpose if the things don’t go as per our wish, but it doesn’t mean we have to attack them back for the revenge. There is a saying that forgiveness means taking the control of yourself. If you control your mind, your thought and your opinion; you can judge yourself and make a decision by yourself. You won’t keep on thinking about the wounds you got rather you will keep on thinking something creative and forgive them for that accident. Forgiveness possesses the power of thinking which directs that even though someone hurts you by purpose, it compels it to be by accident. If someone beats you, but in response, if you laugh, then the person desperately will say that it was by accident. It is the what the result we will obtain from the forgiveness. If your boss yells at you, and gets mad most of the time, it will be quite difficult for you to forgive. You will have the thinking of taking revenge with him/her, you feel angry, relentless and injured. But if you take a peace in mind and just forgive your boss , you will be empowered by yourself, you will gain some extra strength to move forward and you will be healed that way yourself. If we think taking of revenge by hurting them back, it will definitely have dreadful result and horrible result we have to face. We want to hurt them means we have to make a plan and waste of time but just to hurt someone without expecting any gain is nothing . Forgiveness is the treatment of mental illness and your hunger of anger and fuel to reassure you back. Therefore, never think or plan to revenge by hurting someone instead love them, care team and give the meaning of life to live. Loving and caring each other and making them feel they are guilty is the best strategy of forgiveness. Thanks