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Saturday, July 30, 2016

A sacrifice he made ( A short story)

Teddy found herself in the hospital when she came to her consciousness. She tried to pull her up, but unable to do that. Her body was aching and she had a o giggling memory on her mind. She only remembered, she was with John, who was driving a motorcycle. She looked around if he was also in the bed close by her in the same way what she was there. She found the bandage around her head,
wounds on her arms and legs, but exactly couldn't figure out what was going on there. On the mean time, a nurse arrived and Teddy asked her why she was there. The nurse replied;  she had an accident and she had to rest a little more to know everything what was she went through.

John and Teddy were a friend since their childhood. John was a year older than Teddy. They were living next to each other and their mother were friends. John had an elder brother named Sam. He was about 13 years old at that time. Whenever Teddy’s mother used to go away for shopping or something; she left Teddy at John’s house. They were 6 years and 5 years old while the memories come into her mind. John was a little boy caring and loving to Teddy. They used to spend their times whole days playing  in the basement, in the yard and sometime in the beaches with Sam.  John carried to Teddy on the back of his bicycle as she was little younger than him while playing in the back yard and beaches Their life was hilarious as they used to have a lot of fun playing with toys and enjoying bicycling  around. After they started to go to school, their mothers scheduled play date for them. Both were happy for getting each other back after couples of days apart. Their nature had staggering  because their parents never found them fighting each other, neither they complained any of the days while they spent together. Their parents were astonished to find their friendships and the way of they were behaving each other like adults.

Their friendship was growing vigorously every single day. Unfortunately, Teddy had to leave New York because of her father’s job. John became very sad and Teddy  was also not happy for going away from him. But they were unable to handle the circumstances as they were little kids and had to be the obedient to their parents. That's how they had been separated from each other keeping the beautiful memories in mind. They were still little kids so weren't aware about calling to each other, but while their mother used to talk;  sometime allowed them for conversation. They had a lot of fun talking  and sharing about the new place, new friends and new school. The little mind didn't have any understanding to ask their mothers to make a call for them. Time was flying away on its own span and they were growing rapidly and became a teenager.

Teddy's father again got an opportunity to serve in New York as he was an American Corps. Teddy had been about a 19 years  of young girl and was in a college. John had already reached in the last year of his college. Though he found many girls in his life but still there was a winsome image which was ruling in his heart securely. He became very happy while finding Teddy back to his life. They spent their many spare time talking about their childhoods. For John, his relation was not limited only on friendship, his affection was out of the border when he met a beautiful young girl after a year of separation. One day, while they were on the morning walk and John told to Teddy , " Hi do you think I  am out of mind if I say I I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you" Teddy had’t expected that relationship that way and politely responded to him; " I haven't thought it could be that way but we don't have to remind each other we are friends since childhood ". John became little confused  and startled but still he was optimistic as she was very respectable to him, loved him so much whatever the way it was.

Today was the John’s graduation and he wanted to drive a motorcycle himself keeping Teddy on his back as they used to ride a bicycle at their early age. While heading from New York to Princeton University, the break of the motorbike failed on the way when they were in the highway, but John didn't want to scare her. At least he wanted to hear from her beautiful voice from her, “ I love you”.  The speed was out of the limit and Teddy asked him to slow down, but he said he was just making a fun with her as it was their long drive almost after 15  years. He asked her to hug him tightly and asked her to say; “ I love you”. That's what she did. He asked her to put his helmet on her head as he was feeling bothered because of that. She pulled up the helmet from his head and put on her head. She remembered she was tightly hugging to him making the love they had ever had before. After then she found on the bed next day. John died in that accident, but he wanted to save her giving his helmet as he already knew they were going to collapse somewhere. He sacrificed his life if not he could have saved his own life without giving his helmet to her. He wanted her love before he left this earth, thats what he asked for Teddy.

She found herself  so miserable  knowing the truth and sacrifice that he made for the sake of his childhood friend and for the sake of someone whom he loved the most in this earth. She tore down all the way to the bottom and prayed with god mourning herself and requesting to the God; “Eventhough he left this earth, please don’t let him go away from my memory and from my heart. He was there before and will be there forever as my best friend  and the one who loved me the most.”  This is what he had made a sacrifice for someone he loved and he will be remained in her heart even though he has left her alone in this physical world
The end