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Friday, July 8, 2016

It was already late

Short Story By Indira Chongbang

There was a guy whose name was Sam. He had only an imagination of the world, but couldn’t see when the sun rises and set. He was very creative and hard working. Though he didn't have outer vision,  his inside foresight was very strong. Due to his eagerness on learning many new things, his parents sent him to the school. He was very detail oriented and talented guy. On the way to home, he found a girl  Sindi. She helped him to cross the road and directed him from school to home and afterward home to
school. She was impressed by his innovation. He was so hilarious on writing poem, song and stories.  Sindi was only the one taking care him and helping him on the way. The seeds of love thrived along the way while they spent together. One day  when they were on the way to home from school, Sam said; " Sindi, I am so lucky for finding you as of my friend. I am watching this world throughout you even though I don’t have my own vision. Nothing would be possible without you. Instead of giving my own eyes, God sent you to me in this earth". Sindi had never told him that she was also in love with him. After listening to him, she felt that it would be nice to let him know the truth. She said; " Thank you Sam, it's also a great opportunity to have a friend like you for me.  Regardless of your vision, your inner concept has made this world glorious today. I am more than happy getting you in my life". That's how their love was uncovered in the beginning.

They used to have interesting gossip while they were together.  Sam forgot what he was and fell in love. He knew the truth about Sindi who loved him so much otherwise there was no reason for caring him and helping him everyday. He didn't want to wreck someone’s life, marrying with a blind guy. That's why he told her; he would marry her if he could see the world. Days were passing away, Sindi kept on helping him. One day Sam heard interesting news, which made him excited to go to hospital. He returned back to home with taking new life with new foresight. He wouldn't need Sindi's support anymore for the school or anywhere else.

He was going to school on the very next day, but suddenly thought about her. He shocked after finding She was also a blind that he never knew before. Sindi came close to him and said; " will you marry me? Now you can see the world". Sam replied; " I see the world, but you are still blind, how is it possible to marry with you”. After his response, she felt sad and went away from him. She told him to stay happy and take care himself. He didn't know who had donated him eyes that made him so happy in this world. He was curious to know the truth and asked her mother. She said; " She is the one to whom you said you would marry her if you could see this world; she gave her eyes to you in order to have you in her life" He regretted for refusing to Sindi after he started seeing this world. He had got his vision, not by someone else but it was Sindi, who kept on helping him and taking caring him and eventually ended up losing her own vision to make him happy. He forgot that immense support that he had received from her. He quickly ran toward her, but it was already late as she was killed by a truck while crossing the road. The end