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Thursday, July 7, 2016

The day with a regret (Short Story)

Short story, all the rights are reserved with the writer
Indira Chongbang
Disclaimer: All the characters of this short story are fictitious; if the characters reveal someone’s real life, it will be just a coincidence. Molly fell in a love with a guy to whom she had never seen in her life. The guy named Raj sent her a friendship request in her Facebook and Molly had accepted that. They started to chatting with each other, sharing
their feeling, happiness and everything. They become close to each other because of the attraction of opposite sex. Their age was also the other factor that brought them together with common views and opinion; understanding the world. They used to chat almost every day, keeping their issues of conversation unlimited regardless of their relation who they were. One day Raj said he felt in Molly’s heart and he also speculated Molly also might have been the same boat that's why they were there on that day. Their physical distance was very far from each other as they were from the different continent of the world. Neither it was possible to see each other physically nor they hoped to be close in that way. Despite of their physical distance, they found within each other putting inside of the heart. They became happy for finding a soulmate due to the invention of Facebook. Their sharing and caring kept going on. They forget the friends of real life and sticked to the relation which was created in the virtual world. Sometime they used to fight for different issues, but couldn’t stop talking with each other. Several times, they stopped chatting, but after a couple of days; one used to start that. Thats how their journey began again. They realized that they fell in love, but never planned about the future and how could be their life after they married. Gradually Raj reduced his conversation with Molly. She didn’t know the reason why he changed. One day Molly saw his pictures on Facebook with various beautiful girls and thought he should have given his feeling to someone else, that's why he was not with her. The envious grew inside of Molly, but she kept secret inside her without giving any clue to Raj. She had been so mad at loving Raj, she couldn’t even realize how the days would be without his imagination. She said to him she loved him so much, she was so mad that she kept on thinking about him but didn’t know how their love would end. She had expected that, she would receive the same response from him, but he never mentioned about the love and their life. He almost stopped talking with Molly though she was seeking him in her every dream and she felt his companion in every second. She tired of expressing her love to Raj almost every day and became disappointed with him for not getting the response as her desire. She tried to block him from her messenger and that's what she did, but again couldn’t stay away from him and quickly unblocked and wrote her tremendous feeling how she was during that day while she strived to be away from him. Their conversation connected again but same thing repeated to Molly. She never got a green light from Raj about their love and life. So far as her memory, Raj was the one who had started talking about the love and relationship with her on the initial day when they had met in FB. She became furious at him, but still she loved him so much, didn’t want to hurt him, reminding their previous story. She considered to be away from him forever. Yesterday in the evening she thought it would be wise to give one try at the end. She emotionally colored her feeling and sent to the Raj and thought nothing could be any more way of retrieving him back to her life. Instead of saying something, he just said thank you. Molly got mad at him, but controlled herself because she didn’t want to make him feel bad. She requested him to block her from the messenger, in the beginning he didn’t do that, but after asking him several times he replied,” If this is want is your desire, and this is the way you could be happy after disconnecting me; sure I will do it “. She wrote; “ it is not my intention, but I keep on bothering you. Instead of doing this, its better to be away from you.” She pressed on the send icon, but the messenger said the person couldn't receive your message at this moment.
She thanked him silently for understanding and doing as per her request. But she couldn’t sleep throughout the night because only the image of Raj kept on coming constantly in her thought. She wanted to say something to him, but she didn’t have a way because only the way of connecting with them was the FB messenger from where she was already blocked. She started to regret why she asked him to do that. She remembered one moment when Raj had asked her to avoid him because his life had been completely fragile as he had been fighting with different disease. He had also said, " It is not sure how long could I exist in this world". Molly had in her mind that many beautiful girls must have come into his life, but after recalling what he had said to her one day, she became helpless. She shattered and wrenched, her heart broke. She cried, but alone there was no way to convey the message up to him. She keeps on thinking about him, he must have hidden his love, if not how could he hear her request and says I will fulfill your desire if it is the one you want. She is regretting herself, but no way and nothing has left behind in her life except thinking and keeping him in her mind, in her thought and inside her soul. She determined that she will keep him in her heart safely forever because he was the one to whom she had truly loved and will keep on loving him forever until the last breath without the hope of any return nor any expectation of his love. Loving and thinking about him is meant a salvation to her, that is what she discovered from the day of regret today. The end