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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Importance of compromise in life

Things don’t go all the time what we want and what we wish it to be. We can’t control the circumstances to make as per our will but there is only one solution for every problem that is compromise. It is saying that life is full of compromise. Without negotiating with things we can’t move forward in our lives. Everywhere in this world is different than what we believe ourselves. We have to work together with the people around the world who are
Geneva Lake, Photo  from Prashantha Wijesinghe
from different background, different
lifestyle, different level of education and everything is different than what we have. Even the siblings of the same parent possess different perspective and different beliefs about their opinion on various circumstances. It is not easy to get along and work together without compromising. If we keep on insisting on our own way, there is no way to be together, but that separates our journey and way of living. If we stay alone, nothings we need to compromise. We could have our own belief, put aside our own values of life and take our own perspective. But life is not that easy, we can’t spend our lives alone. Without friends, relatives and people, life will have no meaning of existence. Being as a human, we cannot stay alone and can’t be isolated all the ways disconnecting with people. We have to live and survive and which is not possible keeping alone. We have to compromise while getting along with our friends, colleagues, relatives and many more in our society. Everyone in this world is different. Everyone has a different belief about God, different faith, opinion, desire and way of doing. We don’t know which is the correct way of doing, but we have to make our own judgment and observation. While working in a team; we have to put everyone’s effort together and none of the aspect could take the superior role. If someone insists to put his/ her believe higher than another, that doesn’t work. If someone wants to go fast, it is possible in the lonely journey, but if want to reach far instead of fast and only the walking together make it happen. That’s why compromise is the main theme in life walking together, making things possible everywhere handling the team. We can’t have a solid perfect life by ourselves, as we are the designer of ourselves. Existence of perfection is absolutely not possible in this world. We have to learn and accept to the other opinion, should respect the other values and emphasize the priorities of another existence in our life. Many of us are jack of many things, but master of none but understanding the human values and keeping the faith with respect gives us a great return in our life. Due to lack of compromise, we lose our relations; lose our friends, relatives and many more. Only the way of keeping with people together and making the journey far as possible by the way of compromise so, lets cherish our life together.