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Monday, July 25, 2016

Challenges with working mothers

As a working mothers, after leaving the home, I keep on thinking about my baby. Sometime I scare if something wrong goes to him. It is very difficult to concentrate my mind. I wish I will play with him the whole day, can  spend my time taking care him all the possible ways that I can make him a fun. While returning back to home; my concern again starts the same way, playing with him and make him happy as much as I can. But when I reach home, I hug him, kiss him and stay with him for a while and forget his importance and start the house errands that I need to do. Without doing something, I will have an empty stomach and the messy surroundings. Even in the busy schedule, I have been addicted to updating my blog and Facebook post. Someone thinks I am really an outrage.

Sometime, I wish I could stay at home with my baby, but it has been already more than two years that I have spent my idle time. I don’t have earning that means I don’t have money. I don’t have money means I have to be fully dependent with someone that I really don’t like. While I became fully dependent with someone during my pregnancy and with a little baby, I felt that I don’t have limbs. I couldn’t blame them, because they might have helped me by their extend as they could do, but as I was independent and I was working by myself, I was not satisfied  myself. I thought things didn’t go as per my wish that what's supposed to be. I have many friends and relatives who were there in my favor, but different people have their own experiences: some are proud with their family, some are not and some are happy and some are not. Those are the fluctuations of life that everyone has to go through during the cycle of life. Only the matter of concern is that some are very friendly and share their feelings, whatever strike at their heart, but some are very secret and want to keep everything within them.

I am somehow different, I want to share my pain, pressures and happiness to the people. But as every coin has head and tails; the result of sharing everything also tends the same way.  While connecting with positive people, help to inspire and give some strength how to cope with difficulties, but while encountering with negative people who just keep on smiling, but have a very cold heart inside damages the circumstances hearing all the truth from individual and spreading the truth to the others. Thats the very bad habit that no-one expects but we are as human beings and everyone has a different nature and perspective and we have to accept this truth. If we are aware about those characters, it will be easier to cope with the people in any kinds of circumstances that we will be facing throughout our entire life.

The challenges what I am facing as a working mother is that it is very difficult to commit time. While searching  a new job, I have to find the job only that suits for me but not for the company. It is difficult to find the job that way. I am not able to reach at my work on time because whenever it's time to set out then my little boy starts to cry. Consoling him to stay takes time, which always make me late. I have to sacrifice with a lot of things as being a mom. I have to rush out to work whenever it is 5pm because if it is a little bit late then day care charges me extra money that means I will be out of the budget. I feel most of the time guilty for not being beside my baby and most of the time I feel guilty for not spending the time with him. I also feel guilty for not paying attention to my work while thinking a lot about my baby and my personal stuffs because of being a mother.

The working mother is not only me, there are millions of women who have developed their professional career, putting aside their children and parting their attention equally. But the fact is;  if you ask to the mom, it  is not as easy as what we see the success of working mother. My sister raised her two sons, they have been grown up now, but she has still a regret of not taking care of them while they were little ones. She feels guilty for working, leaving her sons with her mother. But I am not lucky that much, even I wish my mom could take care of my boy, but she is not at this age now who is strong to fight with the activities of a little boy. Only the few could be the best mom and the best employee, but some can be neither of them.

Many women believes that father was an integral part of household so, women should get the support from them. But from my experience whatever the circumstances;  the fathers  don’t understand what women need for the sake of support in the household. Few of my friend's spouses have played vital role taking care the home, but most of them are worthless. They take care the baby on their own ways, but think that all the other households are just made for the sake of women. I am not insulting him, but the fact is not only mine, many women are undergoing this same problem. Unless and until the men don’t take the women as a granted, we will undergo to the same problem as we are facing today.