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Saturday, July 23, 2016

I can't be strong all the time!

Yes, I am also a woman, a mom of a little boy. I tried very hard to be strong, to be positive, to be enthusiastic and to be happy all the time because I wanted the people like me to feel positive about life. But obviously, I can’t be strong all the time. I am feeling so embarrassed and demoralized in my life today. I couldn’t convince anyone and I became just like an outrage. My heart has broken down into thousands of pieces. I want to be strong doesn’t mean I can control myself all the time. You know this truth ,I am also a human being, and if someone accuses me it's very difficult to accept it. If I am guilty, absolutely I agree on my fault. But if you are accused by someone even if you are innocent how do you feel ? Absolutely, it is not easy to digest. It is obvious that I have many friends on FB, but it doesn’t mean I talk to them and I have a relationship with several of them. I don’t even have time to share my feelings with all those friends. I could talk with limited friends just about some similar topic that we possess. I am crumbled down today when I knew how someone was thinking about me. I wanted to be the part of his trouble, his pain and his situation whatever he was going through. But I didn’t know how he was treating me. I am shocked and saddened myself after knowing how I was being treated. I don’t have any energy neither have any empathy for something else. I am just finding the dark whole around me where I went deep inside without understanding the truth. My heart broke, it shattered which make me cry. I want to cry and tear down so all of my sorrows will go away. I didn’t even have any doubts in my mind what he could have thought about me. I am not stupid though. I hope I will reenergize soon as usual. Thanks for letting me know the truth.