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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Why many people are against the Donal J Trump the Presidential Candidate of Republican

Donald J Trump, who has officially nominated as a presidential candidate of 2016 from the Republican convention has been criticized by different media as well by his own republican personalities.
The editorial of the Washing Post writes; “ Trump, the real estate tycoon is uniquely unqualified to
serve as president, in experience and temperament. Mr. Trump’s politics of denigration and division could strain the bonds that have held a diverse nation together.” It further adds that; ‘ A Trump presidency would be dangerous for the nation and the world”

Senator Ted Cruz declined to endorse the Donald Trump his former rival of primary election during his own convention speech, which makes the Trump to lash out. Michael R. Bloomberg, who bypassed his own presidential candidacy, is going to endorse Hillary Clinton. It is an unexpected to the republican as well to the Trump because Mr. Bloomberg was elected the mayor of New York City as a Republican, but he became independent later.

American is known as the country of immigrants, but the Trump believes there should be a strong border between Mexico and America so none of the immigrants can enter illegally to this country. According to him all of the crime, drug and rapists are because of the immigrants. He states that the illegal immigrants are hampering the nation on every standpoint. This statement has severely hurt the immigrants from who has already been the citizen of these United State. Many people think that Trump, who is a businessman is not supposed to enter into the politic as he doesn’t have that kind of attitude to be the president of America. The opponent of the Donald trump believes that if the Trump, win the election, he will make this country just a joke instead of his speech about making a great nation.

As on his most speech Trump has said that most of the black and Latinos are involved in the crime that’s why people believes that he is a kind of racist. In addition, while giving the speech he seems like a high temper that couldn’t control by him. He exaggerates every issue like a comedian and that is not what someone supposed to be a president.

The first amendment of the United State has set the rule of freedom of religion in the United State, that means no-one will be discriminated on the basis of their religion, but the Trump wants to ban the travel of Muslims into this country which is against the constitution. It is a complex issue of religion.

Trump has been criticized as offensive to the women when he called women ‘ beautiful piece of ass’. Many women know how offensive in the issue of women and they know the statement he has made ‘ You know, it doesn’t really matter what they write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass’

There are at least 11 million illegal immigrants in the United State and Trump want them to go out and some might come back according to the best process. That’s why most of the immigrants don’t like the Trump.

President Barak Obama said; “ We are now seeing how dangerous this kind of mindset and this kind of thinking can be” Obama also added on his denunciation to the Trump, “ That’s not the America we want, it doesn’t reflect our democratic ideal. It will make us less safe”.

Most of the conservative people who don’t like the immigrants are the supporters of Donald Trump. They believe that many Americans have become jobless because of the illegal immigrants and it should be resolved. They think that Trump is only the one who can resolve this issue.