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Friday, July 22, 2016

The value of networking and friendship

Networking is an important tool of success in this competitive world. It doesn’t only mean in the sense of network business because many people are tired of  hearing network business and even hate to hear the word 'network'. It is not only the issues of business, but everywhere in the world if we are
connected with the people of different backgrounds, qualifications, educations and skills; it gives a
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great extend of benefit in our daily lives. If we don’t make friends and keep ourself alone, we will be isolated, which is the key factor of depression. Keeping oneself is not beneficial either for social or any other aspect of life. We need friends and relatives in order to share our pain, happiness, joys depending on the circumstances we face in life. Friends and circles help us keep on moving to complete the cycle of the ecosystem. Without their presence, we will be out of the track.  If we keep a lot of things in mind without expressing to someone else, which explode one day inviting very dreadful result. Instead of converting into the explosion, sharing with friends, create a fruitful outcome that help us in many ways and keep on moving more comfortably than what we do by oneself.

As a human being, we are a social creature and are dependent with many things. We have  our own customs, norms, values and traditional beliefs. Transferring them into the the new generations at different nation possess a lot of challenges because  it is no easy  to convince them. They want to stay away from this traditional custom rather they prefer to engage with the people of different lands. As they have been resuming with them since their childhood they are more comfortable with them rather taking our own.The family background and environment play a great role while connecting and making people closer. Withstanding this fact, there is no empathy to the people to consider them and make them important aspect of our community.  We should create an environment to attract them to our own values and norms  instead of letting them to move away . It is absolutely true, being as a human we can’t find the similar characters with the people even in our own family, but keeping in touch and staying in the relation gives the great values while in the difficulties.

The market is very tough nowadays . Networking is the key element to be success even every part of life. To sale a product or service, we should connect to the people throughout the world. Even in our daily life, if we get sick and we are alone, it is very difficult to cope with that if nobody else we have. But if we have network and have  many people surrounding us, it makes a lot of difference in the hard time. They can come to help us, visit us and give us moral and emotional support, physical support, economic support and many more. For instance, if someone is suffering from the lack of job, and if he/she is connected with many people, will have better opportunities than someone who stays alone. We know there are thousands of job in the market as well numerous opportunities are there, but it's always tough to grab them if we don’t deserve the people.

Many young generations are pretty much shy in the nature and hesitate to talk with the people. But the research has shown that, the friendly people are more successful than the people who are hostile. That means we should have an interest in talking with people, we should be curious about knowing the people and making the bond of friendship gradually. Those give the great values in our everyday life. Even I am not that successful and still in the phase of struggle, I have found many jobs for many friends. They are grateful to me and I am also  proud for being myself for helping them.If I work as a mediator between the employer and employees, I would be helping  to the both sides. Even it is a little  effort, but making someone happy gives a unconditional joys in life. Self satisfaction is the greatest strength in our life which gives the highest achievement. That is why keeping friends and networking means a bridge to move forward in life. Let's begin the journey and lets reach to the destination. Cheers!!!!