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Thursday, September 3, 2015

An optimist finds opportunities in the difficulties, but a pessimistic finds difficulties in an opportunity.

One of my friends used to repeat this statement frequently while discussing about the problem and difficulties in life. Now, I realize  that it is a mentor to be positive and to discover possibilities regardless of the diverse situations that occur. People with positive thinking always can divert the difficulties into opportunities and make sure that there are always alternatives in their lives.  If we look around the world and try to locate something, there are  always various ways and choices for us on which we can stick into to achieve them. One failure is not a blunder jumble, rather that could be an opportunity to have a better one.

Science also agrees upon the power of positive thinking  and says that it is necessary to have a healthy and wealthy life for everyone. It is  highly recommended to have this attitude to fight with any kind of disease. As a result, mentally strong and positive one suffers  less comparatively mentally weak. In addition, strong determination supports to recover in the earliest possible for any kind of illness and also become physically fit for everything.

Unfortunately, some people are negative in their attitude that results to encounter with difficulties and encounter with many problems, even in a good time. They are  poor, isolated and frustrated without any particular reason. The major weakness is because of their belief and will power. They break every aspect of their willingness themselves and become hopeless.

That being the case, if we perceive everything in positive ways, we will definitely find everything exciting in our lives.  If one is closed, we have to look for the opened one.  People have succeeded in their lives because they had hoped they could do that. They might have failed in their lives, but their tireless efforts dictate them succeed.  If we anticipate, something is impossible, we are responsible for not accomplishing them because we  afraid of ourselves. At last, let’s hope and wish, if something doesn’t happen today, there is always next time!!!