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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

It is not easy in the dreamland

America is known as the land of opportunity, but it is not as easy as said to grab the opportunity here. Basically, for the first generation; it is likely to bite a stone to establish and set a professional life here.  Only a few  fortunate and smart people set up  well in the short span of time, but, rest of other needs to have a lot of dedication and
tremendous effort. Everyone faces difficulties while beginning a new expedition in this dreamland.  It is common,  people make  beautiful dreams of taking higher education, earning money and enjoy a life as rich as people who are seen having luxurious lives etc. But, succeeding those dreams is not as simple as we believe and expect.  Sometimes, those struggles tend frustration to some people and make them cry  for their illusion. In fact, it's only our a misapprehension to make a big dream without a great deal of work.  As  we know the truth, we can’t pick up money from the tree.
People  in Nepal analyze the situation through  the pictures uploaded in the Facebook where they could be enjoying in beaches, park, having fun, having a BBQ and wearing beautiful clothes with different hair styles. But, they never know how tough it is to earn money and sustain a life in such an expensive place. The social media have been a means to influence the people’s attention about America or any other foreign country. But, the truth of all of those appearances is not as we perceive every day. Everyone has to work hard at least 8 to 12 hours a day, has to be ready to pay a pile of bills every month, has to be tolerant to the boss or owner if not it is sure that you may fire on the first day of your job. 
In my own life, when I started my first job here, I had to stand up 10 hours and I said I couldn’t do that long hour. I was fired immediately on the same day. Since that date, I have learned a very good lesson that even if I couldn’t do that I should say yes, otherwise I would be in the dog house. I quit several jobs in the beginning because I didn’t have a habit of doing that kind of jobs and to listen whatever the owner used to say.  My dreams were going to wreck  and I was about to back to Nepal but found some people in the same boat who made me hold and start again. Eventually, I ended up learning a lot of things and completed some of the smallest dreams till the date. But learning is never ending process and it is still going on for the indefinite period of time.