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Sunday, September 13, 2015

The soul of innocent people who lost their lives, might be pledging for peace in Nepal

The beautiful Nature of Nepal now crying due to political crisis

It is a heart wrenching situation in Nepal that many innocent people have lost their lives due to a clash between the government and agitating groups. The major political parties are urging to promulgate the new constitution of Nepal without any consensus of agitating group. The constituent  assembly is an achievement of several thousand people who devoted their lives in about a decade of Maoist insurgency.  The political parties came together in agreement signing a comprehensive peace accord in 2006.  Though it is said that Nepal has  undergone a democratic republic, the rulers are behaving autocratic, dictatorial in nature as they are applying curfew and imposing security force against the protest which seized many beautiful lives and their loved ones. 

If a constitution is promulgated without the consent of indigenous nationalities, Madeshi and other minority group, that constitution won’t  be long lasting. Therefore, why the major political parties are insisting themselves, ignoring the right of minority people of Nepal who have been suppressed in their own nation due to 200 years longs Shah dynasty ? The constitution should be for the people, for the nation and should address all the diverse group of Nepal. It should not be only for the ruler and for the political feudalism. It cannot be said democratic way, if the security forces are mobilized while promulgating the new constitution in the nation rather it could be a unitary dictatorial political system which suppresses  freedom of people. If they agree upon the democratic norms and values,  they should respect human right.  They are violating the right of people to live in peace deploying the police force. Many people who were not in the protest have been killed by police without any fault. That might compel all the surrounding to jump in the fire resulting the situation worse.

If they agree upon the democratic norms and values,  they should respect human right.  They are violating the right of people to live in peace deploying the police force and killing the innocent people.

Consequently, before promulgating the constitution, it is their responsibility to bring the disgruntling group in the dialogue in order to resolve all of the problems and issues. But, rather trying to address them, if they use their force and kill innocent people,  that kind of brutality might end the sovereignty of beautiful Nepal, which is not intended by all. Please listen to the pledge of the soul who have already lost their lives.