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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The reflection of " Dream"

Today's view of the sky while thinking about my dream!

Many people talk about a dream and I am the one who is most concerned. It must be due to my hereditary nature as I used to hear a lot from my mother. I still remember the interpretation of her dream that she told me when I was very young age , Therefore, the psychological attachment has existed inside with me so, I also define the meaning in the same way.
While discussing with people about a dream are fun but, sometimes it bothersome as well. I talk about what I have and what would be the prediction in future with close one. People who are good listeners pay attention for it but, some feel distracted who never care about what comes in their dream and also don’t know whatever the meaning that could be. That's why it's better to ignore whether it is good or bad. But, I can’t exactly figure out why I am not able to apply myself. Though I tried a lot, my natural noble drives me to explain frequently without caring how they grab it. I am putting a lot of effort to change myself to forget and interpret my dream. But, whenever a beautiful dream comes to me, an excitement arises and wait for the result. The consequences of the bad dream are to be unhappy without reason. I researched about the dream and found that psychologists also interpret the dream relating to human behaviors. I read several articles about the explanation of dreams; some said that dream helps to understand the personal relationship, uncensored views of real feeling and other aspects of life. In my own opinion, it is just a reflection of daily activities and the event that might occur in any indefinite period of time. The benefit of sharing a beautiful dream is delivering pride and triumph whereas worrying with bad dream is wasting your valuable time because ‘present is more important than future’. We never know about tomorrow, so, leave it and keep you in present. Cheers!! Goodnight!!!